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About Surena Marie

Hello you beautiful and majestic creature! Thank you for stumbling upon my patreon page. There are thousands of artists and creators out there so I am happy to have you here and so pleased to meet you. 

About Me: 
I am an illustrator, voice actor, cosplayer and streamer living in Chicago. But mostly, I'm a human who loves making positive content focusing on self-care and cute things. I was always a very imaginative kid who would tell fantastical stories to her siblings or spend hours drawing Sailor Moon. It is no wonder that I grew up to be a delightful wierdo with a passion for creating art.

You might also know me from my adventures online or romping around on several Actual Play Podcasts and Streams.
Rivals of Waterdeep|
The Dungeon Rats|

Why Patreon?
I created this space for myself as a place to build a community of other delightful wierdos. Patreon allows me to share things that might be a little too personal for social media and try new things with supportive people before they go live to the public. Funds from this Patreon go directly into helping me attend more conferences, pay for art classes, supplies and attend workshops I might not otherwise be able to afford. I am an avid learner and so I always am looking for ways to get better. 

What you get: 
Your regular dose of positivity and reminders to drink more water. 
The online landscape can be a crummy and stressful place sometimes so my goal is to create content in response to that. I'll be sharing my WIP, finished illustrations, behind the scenes of my current projects, cosplay, voice demos and tutorials, I am also a comedy writer so expect a few satire posts here and there. 

87% complete
Pin making is a spendy business. BUT with a little help I will be able to create small batches of enamel pins,

AND a wee online shop where they can live!
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