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If you're signing up to become our patron, you're probably doing it because you care about us. You want to see our adventure continue, and not necessarily because of the rewards we're offering.

With that said, below is an attempt to give you a few extra "perks" for becoming a Patron.

1. By becoming a patron you'll get more access to us!

We don't always have time to reply to every comment on YouTube, but we do our absolute best to respond to each and every comment/question we receive here on the Patreon page and in our private Facebook Group (more on that below)

2.  Get an invite to our PATRON ONLY Facebook group

A private Facebook group is the best way to facilitate conversation and community with our patrons! We can't wait for you to join us!

3. You're Invited to our PATRON ONLY Video Hangouts 

Every couple months we'll hangout together via Facebook Live. During these hangouts you can ask any and all of your burning questions, and we'll answer them live. We can also just chat about our favorite adventures. The direction of the conversation is total up to you (our patrons)!

We want you to know that you have our utmost gratitude that you’d join us on this adventure.

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You'll get all of the "rewards" listed above. Plus, we'll send you a newsletter every month with our special insider tips!
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You'll get all of the "rewards" listed above. Plus, you'll receive a weekly progress video!




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The Plan: visit every surf town in the world

The Experiment: keep the surf-travel lifestyle financially sustainable

We are Shan and Simi, and Surf Play Love is our passion project.  We’ve discovered a lifestyle that we both enjoy – one of surf and travel, and plan to continue doing this for as long as we can.  We’ve decided to document our journey and share with you every discovery and insight along the way.  On our blog, we will share:

  • How we sustain ourselves financially
  • Useful travel and surf information
  • Personal struggles and insights and how we overcame them

As a patron, you'll support our video blogs on our YouTube channel. We create new content twice a week.

Please join us on this adventure of travel and self-discovery, and together we will inspire each other, and many more people, to live our lives to the greatest creative potential.

If you would like to consider supporting our work, please become a patron.

Simi and Shan
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For all of you early adopters, we'll release a special thank you video to our patrons!! By reaching this goal we will have the resources to travel to new and beautiful locations to record our vlogs. We will earn enough to buy a new GoPro HERO 6. This gives us the opportunity to take shots in the water and create even more exciting content.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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