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About Surfy

What is Surfy?
Hi, our names are Jeffrey Terry, Valerie Terry, Zach Terry, and Jordan Larsen! We created and run Surfy, a chrome extension that makes online news transparent by telling you the fact-check records and the political leanings of the websites you visit.

What does your support mean?
Surfy is developed and run solely by volunteers. Right now, I (Jeff) pay for Surfy’s server costs out of my own pocket. While costs are currently low, once the crowdsourcing feature starts seeing more use, I expect they will rise. Any support you give will keep Surfy free!

Your support will also help us bring new features to Surfy. Since we all work full-time, our time is limited, but our goal is to bring Surfy to Firefox and Safari within the next year. We also want to add new features in the coming months like a click-bait filter and to improve the functionality of existing features like crowdsourcing. With your support, we can dedicate more time to development, which will help us make Surfy better for all!

More than anything, your support tells me that what we're doing matters, encouraging us to work harder to improve Surfy. Happy surfing!

How does Patreon work?
Patreon is an independent online platform that allows people to support creators through monthly donations of $1-$5. It's great for creators because it helps us sustain our work, and it's great for people because it allows them to support the people and the products they love.