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We are Surreal Talk! But, more importantly, we are brothers. For over a year now, we've been able to use this podcast as an excuse to get together and talk about some of the weirdest shit you've ever heard of. What started as an exercise in clashing interests has melded into what we feel is a great formula generally for a show.

We've both always been into the strange. As we've grown into adults, we have definitely taken some strange turns. Eric is really into Conspiracy Theories. Everett's into Fringe Science. Together we are able to put our weird interests together and come up with some (well, we believe anyway) interesting topics and have some pretty unique conversations on them.

As we look back over this first year, we've had many ups and downs. Mostly ups. One thing that has always made this interesting to us is our very active audience. Between our Facebook page and group, twitter, our website and email, you've never been shy to give us a topic idea, compliment us or even harshly criticize us. That said, we've loved (almost) every minute of doing this show and interacting with all of you and can't wait to continue to do so!

We are starting this Patreon account as an attempt to monetize our show and get a little back for the time we've put into it. Patreon will allow us to continue to bring the show to you ad-free and maybe enable us bring home a little something for our effort. As far as rewards go: we have no official plans to offer an actual reward through this site. That said, Patreon Supporters will have ability to move show topics up in our queue if they'd like to hear us cover something earlier than we might have otherwise. If we ever end up putting ads into the podcast, Patreon supporters will be given access to a special no ads feed. This will likely be setup through Patreon, but we'll burn that bridge when we get there.

Honestly, the only reason to contribute to this account is if you appreciate our content and want to support us as we continue putting out the show. Either way, we'll continue putting out the show if you keep listening :)

5% complete
Is $1000 a month even possible? We feel like this is a great goal to aim for out of the gate. Will this increase our motivation to research? There's a damn good possibility :P
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