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About Caine

Hello I'm Caine and I'm a hobbyist artist & writer from Finland. I'm a guy in my early 20s and I'm currently studying as a literature major in a Finnish university. I'm very passionate about my OCs and I also love classic literature, theater, monster people, 70s manga, history & ferrets.  

Majority of my content is art related, and I have several styles and techniques I like to use and rotate around. Mainly I do color illustrations and pixel art with a heavy focus on original content. Aside from drawing I also write, and I'm currently working on a visual novel called Sinfonia. I also make adopts as well, and I have a closed species called vetehi

By becoming a patron you'll be able to access exclusive content, such as HD files of my original art, sketches before I post them on my public accounts & more! By supporting me you'll help me work on my original projects such as Sinfonia faster, so I don't need to resort to extra work to be able to pay my living expenses. All patreons are much appreciated, no matter which tier you choose!
For 8$ tier I'll draw a shoulder up sketch of a character of your choice each month! I'll accept OCs only (adopts, fan characters and adopted designs are welcome) and I'm willing to draw humanoids, anthros and ferals! You can read my art tos from here, To tell me which character you want drawn, simply message me here with a clear image reference to your character & tell something about them (or link me their bio) + tell me which expression you want! 

If you can't afford supporting me monthly on patreon, consider buying me a coffee instead! 

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