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About Survivor Stories

Survivor Stories is a unique platform where survivors of sexual violence are able to share their experiences, in their own words.

I've been working as a journalist for a decade, and decided to set up this website after becoming a volunteer at Peterborough Rape Crisis Care Group, and realised nothing like it currently existed.

An individual interview can take up to three or four days of work, and often involves travelling across the country to meet with survivors. I'm currently unpaid for this, which limits the amount of my time I can spend on them, as I still need to earn a living.

I'm now getting numerous requests from survivors per week, and I would love to be able to meet each and every one of them.

Any money donated to the site will enable me to dedicate more of my working life to survivors, as well as paying expenses such as phone bill, software, and buying coffee during interviews.

Interviewing a survivor gives them the tools to reclaim their story.
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