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Daily Applied Haiku

Every day I write a spiritual haiku to post on Instagram. Daily Applied Haiku is an Instagram post shared with you before anyone else with a quickie explanation of how to apply the spiritual lesson to your everyday life.

 Monthly Video Writing Update 

The Monthly Video Writing Update will be an extempore video telling you all about where my writing life has been and where I think it’s going. Often, it surprises me.

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 Bi-weekly Reflection Post

The Bi-weekly Reflection Post is what I call The On-The-Other-Hand News. It’s a blog post shared with you before anyone else usually about an article I read in the press that I think is worthy of comment and a deeper spiritual look. My Huffington Post articles inspired this benefit.

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Monthly Mex Singles

Monthly Mex Singles are short stories that usually illuminate a backstory that didn’t fit into a Mex book. The first one I wrote is Gareth B. Hawkins and The Case of the Intuitive Investigator; it tells the story of how Gareth made finding Mex his first case. A little extra for my dedicated readers ....




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About Susan Corso

My work is for those of us who are serious about making a difference, those of us who understand that we are here for a good reason, those of us who want to get on with it.

Basically, those who are committed to living from the inside out, in their own integrity, on a spiritual basis.

If that’s you, then welcome to my Patreon page wherein you will find that I’ve lived a spiritual life for decades, that I am serious about making a difference, that I understand we are here for a good reason, and that I want get on with it.

What exactly is ‘it’ in that last sentence?

For me, living in integrity means stories and patterns—both writing them, and rewriting them.

I’ve been an integrity expert, a spiritual counselor, a spiritual director, a spiritual guide, a spiritual mentor for more than thirty-five years. That’s long enough to get good at something.

People say that I’m very good at what I do. I hope so, because I love it.

First, and foremost, I’m a writer. Words chose me when I was a kid. It’s words that I use to make a world of difference.

Words, beloved, are powerful. You’ve heard this. You know it. You’ve heard yourself use powerful words to make change. Words are great healers.

Here’s an hors d’oeuvre of my work ...

Do you know the most powerful word in any language ever? Ready?

& And &

Way too much of our world, especially in the West, is based on that divisive little word ‘or.’ There’s a powerful difference between the two.

sets up resistance, Us versus Them. Always. Forever. And Ever.

is the word that indicates that we know we share this small marble called Earth, that we get to celebrate our differences because of our similarities, and that we’d better get to livin’, to quote that great theologian Dolly Parton.

That is a tiny taste of what I’m about.

I’m a writer, a teacher, a storyteller. I use stories to change things for myself and others through my fiction and nonfiction and mentoring. My proper title is The Reverend Doctor Susan Corso; I rarely use it. Still, I am both a reverend, an ordained minister, and a doctor, a diagnostician.

I’m also an intuitive, a novelist, a kitty mama, a wife, and a redhead. Not to mention a whole host of other things that I’m sure you’ll learn about if you choose to share this journey with me.

Why Patreon? Why now?

Because my beloved friend Court said to me, “The planet doesn’t have enough time for you to be in hiding anymore.” He whupped me upside the head, for real, because he’s right.

What I teach is based in classical metaphysics, a philosophy of self-responsibility and service. That’s the central idea in all my novels—The Mex Mysteries. My protagonist’s name is Mex Stone, and here’s her backstory.

Based in New York City, Mexicali Rose (“You can call me Mex”) Stone is above all a human being having a spiritual experience. She’s an intuitive investigator who solves her cases from the inside out. Guided by Spirit, her inner voice, she catches her culprit, and always learns something about herself.

U.S. passport and lipstick in her purse, Mex’s cases lead her in all directions: Tierra del Fuego, the Western Isles of Scotland, the Mafiosi underground of Japan, at home on Broadway and up the Hudson to her country home. On her travels, Mex manages to fall in (and out) of love with a number of gifted women from whom she learns and with whom she grows spiritually.

Each book is based on a musical or an opera. The published titles (so far) are Oklahoma! Hex, Brigadoon Moon, Butterfly Fan, Chicago Valentine, Mattress Police, Gypsy Chicks, and Something Wicked. They’re ebooks—save the trees.

Three more are finished; Legally Bond, Rent Rx, and Christmas Presence. I’m in the middle of the eleventh one as I write this; it’s called Shrew This! The one after that is named Pippin Requiem, and the one after that is Cinderella Serenity. More to come, I promise.

Each book teaches a spiritual lesson—or twenty—and a spiritual practice. Each book has a queer romantic interest. Sometimes the same, sometimes different. Each book addresses a social issue.
The novels are a gateway into my teachings.

Who says enlightenment and entertainment can’t go together?

I say they can. Want me to prove it? Read a Mex Mystery.

However, if you don’t like reading fiction, there is the straightforward teaching option which you will see in the benefits offered at different giving levels. The point is to discern what you believe about yourself, how life works, and the rest of the world. It’s more important that you know what you believe than that you agree with me.

I’m not in the business of conversion. I’m in the business of setting you free to recognize and live in your own integrity—to be what you choose to be, to do what you choose to do, and to have what you choose to have. Being, Doing, Having—in that order. If they’re in any other order, it’s only a matter of time before you stumble, or burn out, or worse.

So, Patreon because in order to do what I’ve been doing for years, I’ve almost always had a day job, and the Mother is telling me it’s getting to be time to give that up, and work for Her fulltime. Charles Fillmore, the co-founder of Unity, said, “God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supply.” That’s why Patreon; it’s a vehicle.

I welcome you to this informal community with a full heart, glad to walk parallel with you on your journey. Please take one moment, and smile for me. I’m glad you’re alive, serious, understanding, and want to get on with your marvelous mission of making a world of difference here on Earth.
                                                                            A smile right back,


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