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About Susan Crawford

Hello, and welcome to my patreon page. This is a new experience for me and I'm really excited about the possibilities having my own patreon page will open up.

My name is Susan Crawford. I live in the North of England, in the very North of Lancashire to be precise, on a small, rented hill farm with my husband, our family and our animals.  I've been creating - knitting, sewing, crocheting, writing, designing, cooking, growing, publishing, photographing, dyeing - as long as I can remember. I sell downloadable knitting patterns recreated from or inspired by vintage fashions through my website and on ravelry, and write and self publish books about knitting history, fashion history, social history, women's history, human history and how they all interweave together.

The books I write are often large and take many years to research and create. I publish all my books through my own publishing imprint with everything done in-house other than the physical printing of the books. My most recent publication was The Vintage Shetland Project which contained almost 500 pages of essays and patterns. Alongside the books I source and manufacture my own range of knitting wools. I decide on everything from the yarn composition, the yarn weight and carefully select each and every shade. As always I like to be hands-on and the yarn is wound into skeins and banded right here on my farm.

I've been a self-supporting creator for most of my adult life with all the ups and downs that come with that. Somehow I manage to support my family, our small rented farm, 100 sheep, 30 chickens and 2 goats but some times it can be difficult to be creative or focus on research when the rent is overdue or the electricity bill needs paying!

In 2016 my life was turned upside down, when I was diagnosed with stage 3 invasive breast cancer. As a self-employed person and the sole-bread winner in the family, I quickly began to realise how fragile things are, and how this lack of security made me, my family and our home extremely vulnerable. In November 2018 I entered remission after two years of chemotherapy, extensive surgery, radiotherapy and drug treatment. Whilst undergoing treatment I wrote openly about my experiences and gained enormously from the interaction with others going through the same journey as me.

During this time I was read a quote which basically said that if you don't change your life after recovering from cancer - then you haven't recovered from cancer. And I've been determined since starting on the long road to recovery to make changes, to enable me to focus more on creativity, to build a community around me and to share so much of that creative output with that community. My writing has become a huge part of that creative process, and this Patreon page provides me with an outlet for these words and the subjects I would like to write about have become much broader.

Shortly before I had planned to launch this Patreon page, my husband Gavin was rushed into hospital for a major operation. The delicate balance of keeping everything afloat once again tipped over making me painfully aware once more of how close to the edge both self employment and small-farm life are and therefore how beneficial regular support would be.

Your support through patreon will give me a guaranteed income each month - something I've not had for many years - from that I will be able to pay for help to release more patterns, improve the patterns I have got, broadening the size range, updating the yarns and the photographs. I will hopefully be able to stop packing orders myself and pay someone to take over distribution, freeing up more of my time to be creative - I will be able to pay for my studio giving me separation from creative work and the farm and a s a result I will be able to spend more time researching, more time turning that research into essays, stories, books, patterns and perhaps most significantly of all, I will be able to spend time building a community here on Patreon.

There is so much I want to do, so many stories I want to share, so many designs I want to create and publish, so many books I want to write. And I hope you will consider supporting me and coming on this journey with me.

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Reaching this goal would be amazing. This would enable me to pay the rent on my studio each month, giving me somewhere to create away from the hustle and bustle of the farm and the endless distractions which prevent me from working!
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