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Thank you so much for supporting my Patreon! In return, you'll get to vote in Patron-only polls on books I review, topics I tackle... and, in the future, maybe even things like character names and settings!
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If you were so kind as to spare $3.50 per month, you'll not only get the rewards mentioned in the previous tier, but you'll be mentioned by name in the acknowledgements of every published work I produced for as long as you are a patron. You'll also be listed on a seperate page on my blog, with a link to your blog or website!
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Ten dollars is WAY more than I have to spare in any given month, so if you're nice enough to give it to me, not only will you get all the perks from previous tiers, but you will also get a FULL-SCALE PROMOTION of your blog or website written, customized and posted by me! I will ALSO promote any published work you produce!
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If you are AMAZING enough to spare $20 a month for your local starving artist, you will not only receive all the perks in previous tiers, but a SIGNED COPY of every published work I produce! You will ALSO be on an emailing list about books I have that I no longer want or need, that I'd be willing to send to people, free of charge -- first come, first serve! 
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$50 is a lot of money... I think you deserve a reward! If you pledge $50 or more per month, not only will you receive all the perks from previous tiers, but you will get to be the first to see book covers, first chapters, and summaries. AND, if that wasn't enough incentive, you'll also get access to bonus content, such as full character profiles, cut scenes, and more!