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Patron-only posts

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We thank ye kindly for a small donation of $2 a month. In exchange for your support, you will have access to our Patron-only posts featuring art, literature, poetry and comics. 


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All Suspects will have access to our Patron-only posts, as well as access to the editorial team for advice on running your own magazine, such as how to find contributors. You will also receive an h...


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Beats will receive a packet of the current issue and a selection of back-issues in the mail, as well as access to an audio recording of a story from the latest issue of Suspect Press.


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Tralfamadorians are eligible to receive professional edits and feedback on one story (up to 2000 words) per month. Though we read and respond to all submissions, this guarantees a thorough response...

Wind-Up Birds

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Wind-Up Birds get to choose between a custom 1-page comic or a custom flash fiction story, created by a Suspect Press team member. Prompts are encouraged!


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Pennywises will receive a Suspect Press Books package, including copies of Josiah Hesse's pop horror novel Carnality: Dancing on Red Lake, comic books by Dan Landes in collaboration with N...