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SusquehannApothecary by Benjamin Weiss

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SusquehannApothecary by Benjamin Weiss

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Benjamin Weiss, owner of Susquehanna Sustainable Enterprises LLC, is a certified permaculture designer and teacher, a father, activist, herbalist, forager, gardener, brewer, musician, and writer from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Ben has studied natural building, ecovillage design, and permaculture at The Farm Ecovillage Training Center, received a permaculture teacher certification from CRMPI, studied urban agriculture at Growing Power, forest garden design with Dave Jacke, and has studied herbalism with Sarah Preston of Radiance, shamanic dreaming techniques with Adhi Moonien Two-Owls, and bee-keeping with Mark Gingrich of Gingrich Apiaries. He's facilitated permaculture design courses and many other classes and workshops, has designed and managed four organic farms, forages professionally, and continuse to develop the Rewilding Design System with his fried and colleague Wilson Alvarez. You can hear Ben speak about his skills, experiences, and ideas on the Permaculture Podcast with Scott Mann:

Susquehanna Apothecary was created by herbalist Benjamin Weiss as a way to generate income streams from small amounts of sustainably harvested wild plants in order to pay professional foragers and permaculturists to be out in the landscape, regenerating degraded ecosystems. Ben's time spent in wild places has repeatedly exposed him to Lyme Disease which is why the apothecary specializes in the Buhner Protocol, an herbal regimen popular with Lyme sufferers. Susquehanna Apothecary is located in a shared work space in Lancaster, Pennsylvania called Ananda Integration, operated by acupuncturist Nick Dower and wellness instructor Debra Dower.

Urban Edge Farm is located two miles from the apothecary, within the city limits of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in a forgotten neighborhood called Sunnyside. The farm has been granted Lancaster City’s first ever “Community Gardening” zoning variance. The farm is located on a single parcel of land leased to Susquehanna Sustainable Enterprises by a friend, and is in the floodplain of the Conestoga River. Susquehanna Sustainable Enterprises is currently pursuing lease agreements for several adjacent parcels along the river, most of which are covered in highly neglected woodland. The focus of Urban Edge Farm is on agroforestry practices, such as alley-cropping, forest gardening with native riparian tree crops, edible and medicinal mushroom cultivation, as well as biochar and compost production, beekeeping, experimentation with regenerative forestry techniques, and production of medicinal herbs for use by Susquehanna Apothecary.

Support Rewilders. Support Your Health.

Your contributions to Susquehanna Apothecary support our efforts to rehabilitate damaged wild ecosystems. The very small amounts of plant & fungal material that we harvest when we forage in wild spaces become the herbal supplements we sell. This allows us to make a living by spending a portion of our time developing resourceful techniques to help these wild ecosystems flourish despite constant pressure from pollution & development. You can do more to support our work…

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