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I create short animation videos to help people learn about sustainability concepts and principles. I am a sustainability consultant and illustrator.

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Hi, I am a sustainability consultant and illustrator. I am passionate about sustainability and ways to communicate it in effective ways and create change using graphics and illustrations.


Nelson, BC, Canada

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Hi, My name is Alexandre Magnin and I create engaging sustainability videos to learn and teach: Sustainability education is important to you!? Please consider becoming a patron to help us create engaging animation videos so the best sustainability knowledge is accessible to all for free on YouTube. You can make a pledge of $1 or more for each new video we create and it takes only 5 minutes:
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I am going to tell you why I think it’s a good idea and I'm hoping that by the end of this you'll think it’s a good idea as well.

I have been a sustainability consultant for nearly 10 years, helping businesses and communities become more resilient and successful. I’ve seen the power of a smart approach to sustainability change peoples’ lives, businesses and communities for the better.

I am also an artist and I’ve seen personally the power of drawing and visual communication to help people understand and learn more effectively using their right brain (which is about intuition, creativity and holistic thinking) as well as the more commonly used left brain (which is about logic, linear and analytical thinking).

Sustainability is one of, if not the biggest challenge facing our society today. So, I decided to combine my skills to create a YouTube channel to freely share what I’ve learned over the years so that everybody can use this information and these ideas to help their business, community or family become sustainable.

But I need this project to be financially sustainable for me, too. So far I have made all the videos for free and volunteered my time - which I love doing. But I have a list of over 60 more videos that I want to develop and share with you. Each video takes me about 3-4 days to produce and if I don’t make any money out of them, I cannot pay my bills. So to pay my bills I have to work on other paid contracts. But if I work on other paid contracts then I don’t have time to make sustainability videos for you. I’m hoping you will help me change that with Patreon.

With Patreon you can choose to pledge 1$ (or any dollar amount you like) for each video I create. And starting at $5 per video you get special rewards, such as acknowledgements in the videos, access to high quality files of my illustrations so you can use them yourself, characters named and drawn after you in the next videos, access to Q&A Google hangouts on sustainability, etc. You can fix a maximum dollar amount per month in case I produce too many videos for your budget (my goal is to make 3-4 videos per month on average). And, you can stop anytime. If you find my videos useful for yourself or for your work, Patreon is a very easy way for you to support me. If you already know everything you need to know about sustainability, well, you can still support the project so my videos can help others, people like students who can’t really afford to contribute financially.

That’s my pitch! Thank you very much for helping me help others to learn about sustainability and respond to it in smart, effective ways.
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