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is creating Eco warriors of the future, to save the planet
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About Sustainability Snail

In a world that has forgotten its roots... Sustainability Snail delivers an important message using pupetry, theatre and gifts of flower seeds to strike the at the hearts of his audience.

MaT-E-TricKs is a circus performer with more then 11 years exp.
His strength lies within the lasting impact he has on his audience.
He believes that using strong colorful characters, theatre and circus he can deliver a message that people will remember forever.

Its no secret that our planet is being mistreated. - single use plastics poluting our oceans, our forests being cut down, fracking to name a few.
Disusted that our government isnt listening to the people. He decided to use his art to influence the current and next generation to make the change we desperatly need.

Humans arnt the top of the food chain, Acutally we are apart of “The circle of life”
“Create change - We cant do it alone but together I believe we can make a difference”
Knowing that he alone couldnt make substantual impact. He turned to his art, the thing he knows best. Influence and educate, Encournage children to plant seeds, flowers and gardens and teach them to care about the enviroment and their impact, for better or worse.
Raising and army of eco warriors takes time,but good things always do take time.

Currently, Hes working on a sustainability program for schools, holiday programs, council events and envorimental rallys.
By supporting his vision, you support the change!
“We cant do it alone, but together we can!”

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