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is creating environmental art comics. beauty, absurdity, fascination

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Thank you for being curious! Welcome to 

NOTICER: speaking with insects, fungi and moss

I collect hidden stories from everyday nature and turn them into curious, beautiful, absurd worlds of fascination. Insects, mosses, lichens, fungi; isn’t it weird that we see these beings all the time, yet often we hardly know anything about them? You are invited to see the world with close-up eyes, and pay attention to things that are often regarded as pesky, boring or mundane.

How does a bee see the world? What exactly happens when a raindrop hits the ground? What do creatures get up to in the dark? How can we make sense of how they sense their worlds?

If you'd like to join my weird, wonderful and less-human-centric worlds, and help me being a comics artist and environmental educator, you can chip in to get weekly updates on the stories. Apart from posting free snippets on my website and Instagram, on Patreon you will always get the first and full updates before they appear anywhere else. Hardcore supporters will get access to behind the scenes stuff and/or personal drawings!

My goal is to draw creatures into worlds of colour, sounds, smells, and dance, to help thinking about them differently and inspire curiosity about how we relate to one another. With support of patrons I'll be able to seek book design assistance, distribute printed stories, approach publishers, and cover research costs to keep unlocking stories about life on Earth. And live. 

About Suus Agnes
I’m an author-illustrator with a background in science communication, literary studies, gardening, and beekeeping. Sometimes dark, sometimes joyous, I collect stories about the many ways people connect to nature in times of a rapidly changing planet. In search of ways to reach out to small creatures around me, I distribute 'insect hotels' to home backyards as part of my PhD research, and collect stories about our cohabitations with small life forms.

Tuning in to what's happening all around me, is also a step towards
                           slowing down from hectic contemporary society,

remembering my creatureliness,

 and finding enchantment in                                     
simple things.

1% complete
$250 a month will allow me to do cool stuff like getting help with book design and paying for editing and design software to make the stories the best they can be.

Also, did I mention, it'll help me to exist beyond the smell of apple blossoms? :-)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts

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