is creating svelthree — an open source Three.js + Svelte components library

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About Vatro

About Me

Hi! 😀 I'm Vatroslav Vrbanic (call me Vatro)! I'm a Senior Creative Front-End Developer from Croatia living in Düsseldorf (Germany) and I'm developing svelthree — an open source Svelte components library for declarative construction of reactive and reusable scene graphs utilizing Three.js source in a slightly modified version. I'm running a small Agency Cream® in Düsseldorf mostly developing interactive web user experiences and animated content in general (HTML & video animations) + I can also be hired as a freelancer.

About Svelthree

I started svelthree in June 2020 as a mere proof of concept, it should offer a declarative, a declarative, component based, yet familiar, Three.js-API benefiting from Svelte's rapid and friendly developer experience as well as it's high reactive performance. Initially I thought of it primarily as a tool for creating modern, future-proof, reactive, component based Three.js websites, but today, although still being in an early development phase, I see no limits concerning leveling svelthree to not just being a library enabling developers to create awesome Svelte powered Three.js 3D web content, but also to be one of the best choices for Immersive WebWebXR — user experience development, from Enterprise B2B/B2C WebXR UX to creating WebXR Games.

Your Support

I've already put a lot of brains <g>🧠 (well, as much as I have <g>😉), TIME!!! <g>⌛️ and passion <g>❤️ into svelthree and would like to be able to continue this exciting open source journey. My priority at the moment is to ensure I can continue / afford working on this project at high pace based on public interest / financial support. I will of course keep improving and extending svelthree in my free time regardless and as always give my best to deliver frequent updates and releases!</g></g></g></g>


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