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About Svet Kant

First of all, thanks for reaching this far, it means a lot to us! And we would like to take 5 minutes of your time.

What's the story?

The story is that being in a band is awesome, challenging, creative, and super fun.  However, nothing comes for free, and at times can be exhausting, uncertain, anxiety-ridden, difficult to manage, and financially consuming.  It goes without saying that anyone who loves and is passionate about music (ehem...US!) would love to do this full-time and dedicate completely to it.  Yet, the reality is that nowadays, even the big band's you might think of (EXCEPT THE ABSOLUTELY HUGE ONES) support themselves from a second job or even a third job.

So, as we obviously would like to do this full time and dedicate completely to music, we will offer you, fine human being, a service/product/experience in exchange of a monthly fee.  What you want to contribute is entirely up to you, and it will be based upon of what you are looking for.  We promise only MEMORABLE and AWESOME moments.

We love making music, but not music alone.  With this Patreon account, we aim to help finance the creation and production of more than just our music.  We would love to CONTINUE with the production of guitar tutorials, backing tracks for improvisation, free online tools (metronomes, tuners, etc.), how-to tutorials, and many other crazy ides.  We'd love to create a community of like-minded fans and musicians of all levels who want to share their knowledge, experience, expertise, and tips of the most important forms of all arts.  These will allow people to exponentially develop their art and passion, ultimately making a more cultural and happy world! Doesn't that sound great?

Our Goal

As mentioned above, our goal is to make a full-time living out of this band.  As musicians, we need to learn that true successful business-men finance themselves from diverse sources of income.  Our main goal is to start small (FOR NOW) and then build up as things develop and we are ready for world domination.  The goal, for now, is to achieve an ambitious target of €3000/mo.  This would allow covering costs of pre-production, production, rehearsals, content and media creation, other daily expenses and touring.  We aim to grow a big number of awesome fans that would contribute with small, yet constant, payment.  These would be micro-contributions by a large fan-base.  An almost imperceptible €1 or €5 monthly payment.  That's not a lot, is it?


The perks will be based on the amount you are willing to contribute.  Yet, we are generous and we will ALWAYS give more than you actually pay for.  We want you to know that money for us just a resource, and not our goal.  Our goal is music, our goal is to inspire people, our goal is to create awesome content and drop some jaws.  Money is just the medium to help achieve those goals and deliver outstanding experiences, moments, MUSIC!

All the perks will be outlined and fully detailed on the right sidebar.  Again, infinite thanks for reading this far and for sparing a couple of minutes of your worthy time on an experimental metal band from Dublin. 

Really looking forward to seeing you join us on Patreon!

- Svet Kant

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If we get to the magic number of 100 Patrons then we will send each one of our patrons an amazing bundle with digital and physical releases, PLUS some UNDISCLOSED surprises!

If you happen to already have our full discography we will still send it to you! OR we will arrange a nice deal based personally on each one of you great people! NOBODY is LEFT BEHIND!
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