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If you donate to SV-POW!, you get ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in return. We give you our cast-iron guarantee you will get nothing that non-patrons don't get. The only reason to do this is because you want to support what we're doing.

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We will mention you by name in the acknowledgements to the first paper that gets written as a result of a research trip that you help to fund. Your name in the permanent scientific record. That's a kind of immortality, right?

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Once a year, Matt will mail you an 8x10 print of one of his anatomical illustrations (mostly skulls of various things — look around SV-POW! for examples). Or possibly an 8x10 photo of a dinosaur skeleton or dinosaur bone. You can get the prints signed or unsigned. This tier includes all the rewards from lower tiers (acknowledgement in our future papers, and, er, nothing else).




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About Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week

Mike and Matt are dinosaur palaeontologists, and they mostly work on the biggest and best of all the dinosaurs: sauropods. Even though they live 5,000 miles and eight timezones apart, every now and then they get together to visit museums and gather insights, photographs and notes for new scientific papers. You can help to make that happen!

You can read about their work — and lots of other things — at their blog Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week:

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