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Mystical. Unseen. Powerful and uncontrollable. The wind that shapes our sails. The thing that all sailors rely upon to make their dreams come true. 

Thats you.

With your support, we can travel farther and faster than ever before. We can spend more time exploring new places, recording as we go. We can take more time to produce more content which means more time sharing our adventures with you! Consider contributing!

Your eyes will thank you later. :p

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You are the compass that guides us through the night. Your contribution gives us direction, hope, and purpose. Thank you for shining bright!

 We live to create vivid content that excites and inspires you; to bring straight to your screen our experience of this world through the medium of film. Our final videos are born in every moment we live. They grow through the sifting and sorting of hours of recorded experiences and are nourished through the artful placement of each clip. Editing takes thought and dedication along with continuous monetary investment. We appreciate your virtual High $5

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Sure, we can sail without the sun, but it wouldn't be near as fun.

You warm our souls and light our path. You make our days a little brighter.

Your contribution might mean a little to you, but it is a difference of night and day to us. As we travel and create videos, we struggle to find room in our budgets for the simple things that make life - brighter. Things like coffee, cheese, and beer make sense to our stomachs, but not to our wallets.

 Consider a $9 pledge. Our cravings thank you. :]




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About Rite of Passage

We are Brenton and Amanda :] 

We have both, separately, spent the last several years of our lives living on the edge of social normality. We are wanderers with the insatiable urge to learn and grow through challenging and unconventional circumstances. We met through the mutual love of sailing and are continuing our journey together as Rite of Passage.  

As far as we're concerned, there is one way in and one way out of this life. Everything in-between is a beautiful, messy, creative process. These videos are the frame to our picture. They document our adventures as we meet new people, see new places, and navigate the challenges and rewards of this alternative lifestyle. We hope they inspire those of you who have chosen to follow along and help connect our viewers to make the world feel a little more like home. 

You've made it this far into our introduction, which means you have graciously given your precious time to learn a little more about our creative process. Thank You from the depths of our souls, because at the end of the day, a picture is nothing without the observer. 

As we roam around by land and sea, cheap accessible internet will often be a rarity. We may not always have our latest updates posted to Patreon but we are usually pretty good about finding a quick minute to post to our social media. To keep up with our current whereabouts,

Follow us on instagram:

-Amanda & Brenton

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Once we reach 50 patrons, we will dedicate more of our time to shooting and editing so that we can consistently release two videos a month.
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