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Thank you, Star Stuff!  We are so grateful for every dollar! You put food in the galley and diesel in the Volvo!  Every. Day.  Thank you!  You will get early access to all of our new videos and we will send many good and grateful vibes to you! Om Shanti!
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Thank you for being living Star Stuff at the same time we are living Star Stuff! In addition to getting early access to our videos, we will send you a great photo suitable for use as a desktop wallpaper.  Also, we will send many grateful vibes to you and meditate on your long and prosperous life.
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You are a truly conscious being, Star Stuff!  You are helping us to throw off the docklines permanently, so thank you, thank you!

We will send you early access to our videos, our lovely desktop wallpaper photos and a Star Stuff travel mug so that you can ponder the meaning of life over a steaming cup of Earl Grey Tea like Captain Picard.  Of course, good and grateful vibes are included.  Make it so.




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About SV Star Stuff

We are sci-fi geeks (and and a yoga geek) with a mission.  A mission to be the best Star Stuff we can be.  If we truly are a way for the Cosmos to know itself, who are we to live our lives behind a screen and not experience some of this exquisite planet?  So, we are moving onto a boat and we are going to go sailing!  Come with us and experience living aboard our Whitby 42!
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Thank you to all of our Patreon supporters for helping to make this crazy dream of ours come true!  When we hit this goal, we will begin our exit from the St. Johns River and take our shakedown cruise toward Key West.  Let's go!
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