SV Star Stuff is creating Liveaboard and Sailing Videos

$2 /creation
Thank you, Star Stuff!  We are so grateful for every dollar! You put food in the galley and diesel in the Volvo!  Every. Day.  Thank you!  You will get early access to all of our new videos and we ...

$5 /creation
Thank you for being living Star Stuff at the same time we are living Star Stuff! In addition to getting early access to our videos, we will send you a great photo suitable for use as a desktop wall...

$10 /creation
You are a truly conscious being, Star Stuff!  You are helping us to throw off the docklines permanently, so thank you, thank you!

We will send you early access to our videos, our lovely desk...

$25 /creation
Wow - we are so grateful for your generosity, Star Stuff!  Your cosmic wonderfulness allows us to keep our cameras rolling and our gear on the boat in safe and sturdy condition, so thank you!  We a...