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We want to share with you the magic, mischief, and mishaps we experience as we explore some of the most remote and interesting places in the world aboard our sailboat, The Red Thread.

We keep a blog (, where we log tales of our adventures and share photographs, but videos help bring the splendor of the destinations we've reached and the realities of sailboat ownership to life. We have officially landed in Australia (wahoo!), but during 2017, we will continue producing videos to document the time we spent in the South Pacific in 2016. We want to give YOU a taste of the cruising lifestyle and showcase the glories of the islands we explored.

How did we wind up in Australia?
In September of 2014, we set sail from Seattle, WA (USA) bound for warmer latitudes. For 9 months, we marveled at mountain vistas and stunning seascapes as we sailed from Washington State to Costa Rica. Along the way, we faced challenges maintaining our boat in far-flung places; made rich friendships; and fished, scuba’d, and hiked. After a 6-month hiatus to work in the US and refill the sailing kitty, we began our voyage across the world's largest ocean—THE PACIFIC—in January 2016. We made landfall in Coff's Harbour, Australia, in late November 2016. We're now in Melbourne, having sailed more than 16,000 nautical miles and visited 20 countries.

How will your support be utilized?

We are thankful to have secured jobs in Australia, so we are now donating 100% of YOUR pledges to two organizations that help individuals who have disabilities learn to sail in Seattle and Melbourne: Footloose Sailing Association and Sailability Victoria. The best way you can support us now is to aid us in helping others learn to sail.

How does Patreon work?

Patreon enables YOU to support the creativity of independent artists (e.g., vloggers, musicians) whose work you enjoy. Our patrons can pledge $3 USD or more per video we produce. Each month, Patreon will collect that fee. Ultimately, becoming a patron is like providing a tip for a service. Each time we create content—in our case a video—patrons pledge an amount they would like to tip as a means of encouraging ongoing content generation.
Note. Our content will continue to be available free to anyone and everyone on our YouTube channel.

Thank YOU for your encouragement and support of our work and for enabling others to get out on the water!

Jessie & Neil
s/v The Red Thread
$196 of $1,000 per VIDEO
If we achieve this impossible-to-imagine milestone, we will beef up our ability to capture our experience from the sky by ordering the latest drone technology, a LILY CAMERA. The Lily is incredible because unlike existing drones (including the DJI models), it floats! This would be a huge boon for our seagoing adventure, as it would reduce risk of losing the device to King Neptune!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts

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