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About Aydra J Swan

Hey, I'm Aydra - a creative content artist!
. . .

I grew up writing stories, making music + videos and dreaming of saving the world.

Since I've worked to bring my creative visions to fruition, and it's happening, with some patience, and A LOT of FAITH
(BTW no one should quit on dreams!)

In the last 3 years, my musical partner and I released two LP's, 4 singles and 11 music videos with our project, Bellstarr
On tour last year we successfully created a music/travel/planet-awareness vlog for exclusive patrons only. I'm passionate about raising consciousness for a sustainable future of LOVE where ALL (yes, YOU, ME people + planet) are supported!

. . . 

What's up with Patreon?
It's an amazing platform used by thousands of artists worldwide! 

We put our souls on the line for FREE to GAIN FANS. 
The problem is that fans don't always come organically unless they really WANT TO KNOW you and feel an intimate tie or draw to you.
That's where Patreon comes in! It fosters a place where people can choose to support
artists, get to know them intimately and make sure they can continue to create. 

PS: Being a patron to me also means you get in on my weird chanting rituals, lifestyle routines, ecstatic trance dancing, green-travel and more!  

. . .
NOW ...
I want to explain more about what I create if you chose to subscribe. 
For one, exclusive content that WILL NOT be posted on my social media.
My promise is that I will release to you a streamlined version of my creations that will ONLY inspire + inform + entertain. (guys, starting at $3 a creation, can you even get a latte for that anymore?!)

  • Songs - downloads from new and previous albums + surprise demos
  • Videos - Pro music videos from the new album, Maya + lifestyle & informative vlogs
  • Chapters from my novel - 'Occupation Superhero' (you'll get to read the whole thing!)
  • High-res photos + GREEN travel tips
  • Lifestyle mantras + practices for raising CONSCIOUSNESS!! 
  • The chance to tell YOUR Swan Stories to me and others in my Patreon community (bc let's face it, we all have one, and who knows what tomr will bring, let's speak up NOW!)
. . .

GOALS: (how will I spend the funds)
You get to see exactly what my goals are and how they're met! For example, I'm currently investing in some webinars to more closely define my brand, audience and monetize my network and reach (I'll share with you some of the secrets)
I also have 3 amazing videos in CUE (shot and ready to go for you!)
2 I'd like to make that will support creative & indigenous people.  
Lastly, I need more gear to be a nomadic artist (like a new GO PRO) so I can continue making GREAT content that will inspire!

I'm HUGE on giving. If you're ever in my company, you will be cooked for and showered with gifts, wine, songs ect. There's nothing I love more than giving, except maybe CREATING !!!

  1. GLOBAL WARMING ACTIVISM - I will donate every time you give to a creation to a cause that raises awareness or provides relief for climate change 
  2. SUPPORT OTHER ARTISTS - I will personally choose a new artist here on Patreon to support each time I create something 
  3. BE NICE AND PICK UP TRASH! - I already do this, but will continue to be a light to the world, it's people and animals + pick up junk and dispose of it properly when I can! 
. . .
YOUR SUPPORT GETS YOU ALL THIS STARTING AT JUST $3! It's my promise I will only launch a creation every 4 weeks or so and you will know when I'm about to. 

Check out my website and other social platforms, share and please, join in my crusade to help artists create, heal the world and each other. My message is simple: Let LOVE lead, emancipate fear. We all deserve to be FREE and follow our dreams! 
Thank you, with all my heart and soul, and I so look forward to taking you on my journey.
The more money I can raise, the more I can create for you and be a light for the world! 
(You can of course, PASS or cancel at any time, just please NO HATE)

Sincerely yours,
Aydra J Swan

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