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Like us, you believe everyone should have access to martial arts such as Jiu-jitsu and Jiu-jitsu self-defense. Our deepest gratitude for helping us continue our goal of educating, sharing  Jiu-Jitsu and creating strong and positive communities, particularly among girls and women

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You share our believe that girls and women given the opportunity to train in Jiu-jitsu and self-defense become people who have the confidence to stand on their own and that it can be a vessel for leadership development, self-esteem, and community involvement. When you contribute $10 a month, you will get a monthly social media shoutout from us. 

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About Sweaty Betties BJJ

The Sweaty Betties provide free Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) and self-defense classes that challenge the body, engage the mind, and support personal growth for women and girls. At the core of these classes is our community. We believe in fostering strength and community through teaching and learning together. We welcome new and seasoned students and take pride in supporting girls and women through their martial arts journey.

The Sweaty Betties were founded in 2008 by a small group of female Brazilian jiu-jitsu students who were united by their passion, shared beliefs, values and aspirations.The original members began as white belts. But through persistence, sweat and hard work, those white belts are now purple, brown and black belts! Now we are students, competitors, teachers, coaches, mentors, gym owners and leaders in our community.

"While so many parts of our cultures teach women that they are valued for how they look, Jiu-Jitsu teaches women to value what their bodies can do." Those words encapsulate our core beliefs which guided us ten years ago and continue to guide us now. The Sweaty Betties have organized numerous events, workshops and free classes throughout the US and beyond with the goal of educating, sharing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and creating strong and positive communities, particularly among girls and women.

The Sweaty Betties celebrated our ten-year anniversary in July 2018. Here are some of the ways the Sweaty Betties have made a difference for women and girls during the past decade:

1. We have organized 18 one-day women’s BJJ seminars.
2. We have organized 10 extended women’s BJJ camps.
3. We have offered over 2000 free or donation-based BJJ and self-defense classes
4. Founding member Mollii Khangsengsing has donated her time co-teaching free kids’ classes (all genders) at Guardian Gym every Tuesday since 2016.
5. We have battled appearance-based models of fitness and the perception that a girl’s/woman’s worth is primarily related to how she looks.
6. We have helped create a lifetime of friendships and community.

Please consider joining our patreon. Your financial support will help us continue to provide free self-defense and jiu-jitsu classes, especially for girls, women and underserved communities.

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