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About Sweet Bell Day

check the website, have a good time

Sweet Bell Day is a biannual internet holiday that takes place on Discord

come support us to keep Sweet Bell Day alive and' kickin. if you wanna give us ur money we will give you cool things like a postcard and other cool stuff .check out the tiers on the -->right side over there ->

warning.!!!  stupidboring stuff ahead...

all money that we take in goes right back into Sweet Bell Day, we don't take anything for ourselves. view our transparency here.

we charge on the day after SBD so if you like it then you can decide to support us. payments get processed at the very end of the month.

we will never charge more than twice a year.
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per Sweet Bell Day

- become a "sweet bell buyer" role on discord

- get access to "grocery shop", the secret channel on the SBD discord where we host small sweet bell events and post messages

- patreon feed with exclusive SBD content (uncensored videos, behind the scenes videos, etc.)

- access to lemonbuddies (3+ hour long podcasts from weston lemon + the chancellor) 2 months before the public (we release shortly after each sbd)

Includes Discord rewards
grow up
per Sweet Bell Day

- your name + a small message (within reason) posted on the sweetbellday.com homepage

- 20% off coupon for each merch drop

- all perks from previous tiers

Includes Discord rewards
old man
per Sweet Bell Day

- themed postcard mailed to you with signatures from everyone at sbd + a little surprise in the envelope 

 - all perks from previous tiers 

Includes Discord rewards
$153 of $1,000,000 per Sweet Bell Day
sweetbell tropical cruse -> everyones invited for free
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