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About Emily Griggs

About Me
Hello! My name’s Emily, and I’m a freelance writer and illustrator currently living in Ottawa, Canada. I write stories, comics, and tabletop RPGs, and I draw pretty much everything I write and then some. Most of what I create falls under the category of “genre fiction”, from fantasy to romance to sci-fi. This Patreon was originally created to support Heartless, my webcomic, but has since been extended to cover support for my other artistic projects as well.

Patreon support allows me to continue working on stories, games, and artwork that are important to me, and to my patrons, but which might not bring traditional financial success. It also allows me to keep producing free or pay-what-you-want content, making more of my stuff available to everyone.

These projects provide free content that anyone can see and enjoy. Even with additional support like pay-what-you-want, ad revenue, or one-off donations, finding the time to work on these can be tough when compared to paid work. The money I earn through Patreon helps me continue to provide this sort of content.

Heartless: My ongoing original webcomic, featuring vampires, pretty dresses, and an asexual protagonist. I've been working on Heartless since early 2015, and you can read the entire comic for free online at http://heartless-comic.com

Indie RPGs: Much of my independent RPG work goes towards small games that I release for free. I'd like to find time to write more of these, and provide more content for the games I've finished, especially Rest. You can find a few of my free games at http://www.sweetingenuity.com/free-stuff.html

Youtube: My Youtube channel is still pretty small, but I'm trying to create a new video every week. Many of these are simple speedpaints, but I'm also using the channel to share tips and tutorials from what I've learned over the years. You can find my channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5etzwMaJ1KqLv-b...

Personal Art/Writing: When I'm not writing or drawing professionally, I'm usually writing or drawing for myself. I produce occasional fanart and fanfiction, as well as various personal illustrations and writing to explore new story ideas, the best of which get posted online on one of my various social media pages.

These projects aren't available for free, but many of them are still passion projects, especially when it comes to taking risks on new ideas. Patreon support acts as a "tip jar" from art patrons who love what I do and want to help me make more of it. Wherever possible, I'm going to try and offer extra behind-the-scenes peeks, early access, and discounts to patrons to thank them for their extra support.

Online Stores: Through Etsy and a few other sites, I offer greeting cards, prints, merch, and even fabric printed with my original illustrations, frequently updated with new art and designs.

Tabletop RPG Writing: I work as a freelance writer on a variety of tabletop RPG projects, as well as working on larger games of my own.

Commissions: While I focus primarily on my own artwork and commercial-use work-for-hire, I do occasionally take personal commissions too. I almost always have chibi commissions available through my Etsy store, but when I open commissions in my more complex styles my patrons will have first dibs.

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