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This is simply a way for you to support me if you like the stuff I upload on my Deviantart or instagram gallery!

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You want to improve your art? Then this tier is perfect for you. You can support me and I support you. It works as follows:

You send me your picture per mail and I will give you constructive feedback regarding anatomy, shading and possible effect improvements per mail.

After receiving the feedback you can include it in your picture and send it to me again. I will look one more time and give additonal feedback.

I can give feedback to anime art style and semirealism style. Please no animals, gore, porn, etc... 

Nudity and humanoids are okay :P

If you are not sure, if I'm the right person for feedback, feel free to ask me before you choose the tier :D



About SweetyBat

Hey, I'm SweetyBat and I have been drawing my whole life and I started to draw digital art since 2015. I love to draw cute and sexy stuff, sometimes my own creations and sometimes commissions. I like fairies, elves, nekos and other humanoids. I create free content and upload all my drawings on deviantart and instagram.
Here you can see my progress in 1.5 years:


Why should you support me on Patreon?

You really like my art and want to support me? Then this is a good way I want to improve my art and therefore you can help me!
This year I would like to go to a few fairs. With the money you will help me to print beautiful products! I'm really excited!
Besides, my PC will soon give up (I hope it still works for some time), but when it breaks, I'll need money so I can continue drawing great pictures :(
Every kind of support is appreciated a lot, thank you very much!

How it works

♥ If you become my patron, you will be pledged at the beginning of each month.
♥ Either you can support me with tier1, or you can get feedback from me to your art :)

Ask me for commissions

I have no pricelist, but ask me if you are interested, we can talk about it and your wishes (pn me)
31% complete
If I reach $14, you'll help me make up the amount I pay each month for Photoshop! I thank everyone for their support! You guys are the best! How about one of my high resolution images as a thank you?
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 34 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 34 exclusive posts

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