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About Quean Mo


Sex With Friends
, because what better kind is there?

Hey, I’m Quean Mo, sex blogger, educator and sexpressionist. 
On July 1st of this year, my husband and I began a roadtrip from Canada into the USA to explore all things S. E. X. From intimate parties, to sex clubs, to open conversations with colourful people across North America, we aim to cover it all...and we want YOU to join the party.


To be completely honest, for those of you who don’t know me, I’m quite a freaky human. I am a submissive, pan- (partial-demi) sexual cuckquean, and I’ve taken it into my own hands to publicly explore the topic of sexuality and report back to my following (check out my blog callofthequean.com for my personal, yet public, chronicles). Sex With Friends is no exception.

I will be covering a variety of topics on sexuality and relationships, try out recurring segments, feature guests and have surprise specials!

This Patreon page is to provide an open and sometimes humorous dialogue on the reality of sexual diversity. By becoming a Patron, you are gifting me with the opportunity to provide this unique alt sex-ed/sexentertainment experience from the comfort of my own home...well, van (part-time roady!).

On Sex With Friends my guests and I will get in-depth and personal about our own sex lives and relationships, share knowledge and experiences, as well as get closer to YOU by way of taking your questions and suggestions on both topics and sexual exploration!


In addition to becoming a Patron, I encourage you to submit the following for segments:

CONFESSIONS: each episode will begin with me reading a few anonymous sex/relationship confessions. This gives you the opportunity to speak your truth, even if you aren’t ready to put your face to it.

Q&A: at the end of each episode my guests and I will be answering questions from the audience. These questions can be personal and specific to my guests, or more general questions about sexuality, relationships, and wellbeing.


I am beyond grateful for any and all contributions made, they will not go unappreciated! Take a peek at the current tiers; there’s more to come as the SWF community grows, so please share!

I look forward to getting to know you all REAL well.

Until then,

Fuck well, friends.

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This will also become a weekly podcast, as I will be doing this full time! Yippee!! (+ more tiers and rewards)!
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