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Greetings, Holotable Heroes! We are SWGOH.GG - a comprehensive site and data source for Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes mobile game by Capital Games and Electronic Arts.

What is SWGOH.GG?

We started SWGOH.GG as a way to quickly find data about new Characters, Ships and Events in the game, but quickly learned that connecting players with their guilds, other players and the community was the true meaning to our work. The site has been around for 2+ years now, and we have focused more and more on providing a canonical source for player data that can be used in our suite of tools or elsewhere on the internet.

Why Patreon

We've always striven to provide the best service for the data we collect, but as the game has grown and the demands of PVP and Guilds to have the most recent data has risen, we have conceded that it is a challenge to keep up with the scaling cost of serving the community on (minor) site ads alone. Our goal is to not only build great tools but also provide an extremely fresh, fast and reliable API to the SWGOH community. In order to do this, we need beefier servers, faster drives, and hush money for our friends and family that we wish to abandon to create these features.

What is in it for me?

While you can read the tiers of our plans on the right, here are some philosophical ideas of what we intend to provide to patreons (and indeed the community through them):

  • An always online (even during TW/TB), fresh set of tools and APIs to power your personal and guild experience
  • More time dedicated to features and new tools as we can lower our effort of constantly keeping the site online with more resources
  • A place to get feedback and chat with us (Discord)
  • A sweet ass flair on your profile that tells everyone you love us

How do I unlock my rewards?

Just pledge to one of our tiers and then link your patreon on our settings page at https://swgoh.gg/settings/

Thank you for reading, and thanks for supporting us, patreon or otherwise.

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