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About SwiftMo

Hola! I am SwiftMo!

I am but a simple human with a never ending passion to capture the most memorable worthwhile moments in a streamers channel. They are my muse GiffingTool is my camera the Twitch world is my audience. To record moments that make us laugh, feel love, embrace our weirdness, remember fond memories when we look back months and years of a specific streamer. To have the ability and drive to document the highlights of streamers personality in gif form I take great pride and elation.

I do this because it gives me joy, its brings joy to the streamers and is enjoyed by their communities and the Twitch world. But I dont do this without sacrifice. With a roster of streamers I personally gif as (120+ individuals monthly + charity events +random streamers +running Casa De Gifs site) it requires tremendous amount time and effort to be able to create free content for broadcasters and their communities. Having created well over 5,000 gifs in the past 4 years I believe its time to open the door to those who wish to support my passion and labor of love.

If youre a streamer and personally benefited from the work I created or simply a viewer who appreciates the content I provide and want to support in what I do subscribing to one of the tiers provided will ensure that I can continue doing what I love creating and providing free content for others to enjoy.

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