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Welcome to Switch Player!
Thank you for visiting the Patreon page for Switch Player! If you love the Nintendo Switch, or you are keen to learn more about it and the games it has then you are in the right place!

Who are we?
We are an independent Nintendo Switch magazine founded in 2016 and dedicated solely to the Nintendo Switch. We released our first issue in February 2017 and we also have a website which you can check out via this link here. Not now, though, read all this stuff first.

Our magazine is packed with loads of awesome Switch coverage, whether that's the latest reviews, features from amazing journalists, interviews with Switch developers and community contributions. You don't have to go far on the internet to find Switch coverage online, as it's new and shiny and very popular but we hope that our little magazine will offer a unique, relevant and detailed impression for everything from the world of the Switch.

So why a magazine?
Why indeed! Websites will always win with lead times over magazines. They can update and react to current events and publish reviews far closer to release dates than magazines can. So the obvious question is why are we making one? We think that there is something cool about magazines. Having all that content in one place, being able to read at your convenience, and with a print edition, actually having something physical to hold. It also makes sense to us. I grew up with Mean Machines, then Nintendo Magazine System and a whole myriad of Future-based publications like Total! and Super Play before becoming a moderator on the Future-published Official Nintendo Magazine Forums many years ago. Official Nintendo magazines may now be defunct but there is still that passionate and dedicated audience that wants that coverage and we hope to provide it for you! Interesting news, interviews and features, not to mention reviews that you can look at in an instant when you are looking for a new Switch title.

What can you do to help?
We are making this for you, and the best thing you can do is to read it! Each issue will be released on digital viewing platforms for FREE each month, showcasing all the latest news, reviews, interviews and Switch content we can create. Read each issue, share each issue, tell your friends and even interact with us about it! We especially want YOUR feedback on how we can make this even better!

Of course, if you really believe in what we are doing then we would really appreciate some financial support, if you have the means to do so. Whether that's $2 for EXCLUSIVE PDF access or perhaps $6 to get yourself a PRINT copy posted to your house ($9 for those that don't live in the UK!) any help will be gratefully received! We even have a higher level of support for those that love the magazine!

When will issues be released?
As of January 2019, issues will be released every month. New issues will be issued in PRINT to supporters (and digitally to those that are eligible) before being released for FREE later on. We have so far released THIRTY THREE issues. Issue 33 released on October 14th and was posted to everyone that pledged before September 30th. Pledges received AFTER this date qualified for Issue 34 and you won't be charged until November 1st or so for this.

The print version arrives to us shortly after your pledge successfully clears, we then post them out immediately. However, depending on where you live you could be waiting over a week to get yours, especially internationally; Switch Player originates from the United Kingdom. You will be charged from the 1st of each month.

Speaking of charges, our Patreon is set to "Per month" which means you will only be charged every month. The long-term plan is to release specials too, which means you could be charged more than once per month - you can set the amount of times you are happy to be charged in your settings. We will always tell you when we are creating issues and will never create more than two in any month - but that's a long way off yet!

Where can I find the complete collection?
The online version is hosted on Issuu, and you can access it via this link.

The PDF copies can be downloaded and are EXCLUSIVE to Patreon supporters, you'll find them as private posts here on our feed.

What else do I need to know? 
The print version will come at A5 size. For postage reasons and to keep costs down the magazine has to be under 100 grams for international orders. Magazines will always be a minimum of 40 pages, yet where possible we will exceed this - Issue #1 is 48 pages. Issues #2 and #3 are both 60 pages. Issue #4 was 56 pages and you get the idea. Going forward (and with the sheer number of Switch games being released) you are looking at 60 page issues.

I'm new. How do I get previous issues?
Thanks for joining us! Your first issue will be the next numerical issue which hasn't yet been charged, which is currently Issue 34. We have limited quantities of back issues available via our shop, which can be accessed here. We also have bundles available sometimes which saves you money on the magazines AND postage - for example our 10 issue package is available for £29.99 with FREE UK postage meaning each issue is just £2.99... There's only about 10 left now, though.

I didn't get my copy. What happens now?

Sometimes the post likes to go missing, especially when sent over huge distances like our magazine is (thanks Royal Mail...). If your magazine doesn't arrive and your pledge successfully processed we will happily replace it. If it happens more than once or twice then we might have to look into why. There's also a chance you are in the wrong Patreon pledge. If you pledged $6 and live overseas then you will not be getting your issue monthly.
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