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About SwordofPoke

Hey, Thanks for checking out our Patreon page. My name is SwordofPoke but feel free to call me Sword or Poke, primarily I am a streamer on Mixer.com where I stream most days.

I want to have fun with the community of awesome people that have somehow decided I'm cool enough to hang out with. 

Why should you pledge? It's a big question, streaming has changed my life in ways I couldn't have imagined, by pledging you are actively supporting my dream and allowing me the time to focus as much as possible on creating the best quality content and the best community that we can. Since I began on this adventure the love and support shown has blown me away, I will never be able to say thanks enough but I will push myself to always give back.

Right now there are plans in the works for some stretch goals that will help bring our community closer together as well as some cheeky merch down the road.

Thank you for reading this and even considering pledging, you keep me doing this every day, you really are the best!

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