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My name is Shawn Touhill. I am an American musician, singer, song writer, and poet from Philadelphia, Pa. I believe in the creative arts whether it be art, music, dance, cinema, or poetry as an essentially vital element is what makes this world a beautiful place. We are the creators, the dreamers, the music makers, the healers, and the alchemists. We bring color to a world that has never and will never be black and white. My life story, I do not wish to go in depth to. From my home in foreclosure, to my mother and grandmother to cancer, what I've lost I do not look back at in anger, for there would be no room to grow from such experiences. I am lucky to have a little sister who survived and is in remission of Leaukemia for over 6 years now. I am a musematician on a mission. I wish to reach as many eyes, ears, hearts, and minds as I possibly can in my lifetime. I wish to hear and I wish to be heard. I wish to feel and I wish to be felt. To live life by the 5 L's is to live in harmony with everyone and everything around you. Live, Learn, Love, Laugh, and Listen, to do this is to live in love.
I make my living as a musician, be it studio work, music lessons, or live performance. I play guitar, bass, drums, piano, saxophone, violin, flute and anything else I can make a sound out of. Playing guitar in Dirty Soap, Bass in Cowboy Bohemian, as well as playing guitar and singing in my own outfit of Philadelphia rock'n roll the South Street Strays. Also see Bosom Band, Hellings, and Fight, F*ck, or Dance for more.
 I love, listen to and play many kinds of music from Rock n roll, blues, soul, Jazz, Heavy metal, Punk, to Funk, to Flamenco etc.
 Any and all support is greatly and humbly appreciated, for I do not take compassion for granted.
 I am grateful for you and to you.
Sincerely yours...
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When I thankfully reach $200 I will broadcast a special live performance, just for you!
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