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About Jon

The SWTORData GTN scanner is an often requested feature, that I have been able to finally release. It is something that I have been wanting to build since I first launched SWTORConquest, and many of the projects I have done since have helped get to this point.
However running the GTN scanner is expensive to run, and slow when there is only one scanner. So I need your help to add more scanners.
I have an initial level of performance that I am covering, but past that any speed improvements will come from support in Patreon. Since this would be monthly cost increases, the donations are monthly here.
When increasing the speed of the GTN scanner there are 3 key parts I have to think about, all with their own costs.
- The scanner parser (where the data is processed)
-- Processing all of the data from the GTN takes a lot of time and processing power. Due to how I built the system, this is as easy as spinning up new servers and putting my parser on it.
- SWTORData itself
-- Part of the parser process requires using the SWTORData API to match what it reads to an item in the database. This requires a lot of processing to handle, and it has an impact on the website for users. Any increase in parser servers, may require more resources for swtordata so it can handle the increase in API requests
- The number of scanners
-- Right now I have 2 scanners running at all times, but GTN is configured to only use 1 at a time. This is because GTN scanning takes so long, and I don't want it to block the other scans from being able to run. If I increase the number of scanners, GTN will always be limited to 1 less than the total number I have running. An increase to the number of scanners will also require an increase to the parser servers and swtordata power, since more information will need to be processed faster. This also comes with the additional cost of buying a machine to run the scanner on, and boosting 5 characters (1 on each server) to cap level.
I have several goals listed here, but the first one is to help me make up some of my costs. It isn't mean to cover my costs completely, but help with the additional costs of adding GTN at its current level.
After this goal, any additional goals will focus on the ability to add more scanners.
If all goals are met (or getting close) I will add additional goals.
Additional scanners could take up to a week to bring online, I will aim for faster. But it may take longer for any additional hardware to arrive.
$4.37 of $30 per month
Help me cover some of my costs. Running all of SWTORData is expensive, this will help offset that cost slightly
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