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  • Toutes les récompenses précédentes 
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About Sybile Art

NEW: Enamel Pins! 

Who I'm and what I do: 

My name is Stéphanie Bouw aka Sybile Art and I am an artist from Belgium. Painter and children's Book Illustrator since 2009 I illustrated many children books, I mainly work with Editions HemmaEditions AuzouEditions Lito. In the same time I started my painting journey. I love to play with various styles and techniques. Acrylic, oil painting, paper, wood, cloth, glitter, gold & fluo paint, markers, pencils, Asian & pop culture, fashion beauty, kawaii, Big eyes Art, fairy tales characters, cute little creatures, a little magic and I mix everything⭐

Why am I on Patreon:

❤ The desire to share: I want to share and communicate with those who love my work and follow me, share my passion and my knowledge with those who want to learn. I also have a huge thirst for your opinions and encouragement to keep my inspiration on top! :)
❤ The difficulties of the artist's life: I have always been aware that it's a rare privilege to make a living from a passion, I'm aware of my chance to do it. I created my patronage page to get the support I need to continue doing this job I love so passionately with the people who love my work and to be close to them.

What are the rewards for the patrons?

❤ Free access: I will add in free access news, behind the scene pictures and free Colorings.
Of course a little support will be much appreciated!

❤ For all new patrons: I will publish a dedicated "Welcome Drawing" for each new patron! Can you buy the original of your Welcome Drawing? Yes you can! You just have to send me a message and claim yours for a unique price of $45 (shipping inc.) Those that haven't been claimed will be added during my Etsy update at the beginning of the next month.

❤ New patrons will receive immediately a 10% coupon code for my Etsy

❤ $4 Coloring Club: Patrons $4 will get access to the Sybile Art Coloring Club FB group where I add a lot of coloring pages of my characters every month + art supplies info & tips that I use my self for my colorizations + they will be able to participate to the monthly coloring pages contest! 💕 Here is ➡ How to participate

❤ $5: Fans & Collectors: If you are curious and impatient this reward is made for you! You will get a preview of my paintings and works in progress before everyone else and if you are collector you will have the option to reserve them + a coupon code 10% off the originals in my shop! + the free shipping during my Bad Apple Auctions! 🍎

❤ $10: Collection of cards: I will send to you every month by mail a pretty surprise card + 2 surprise Aceo cards.

❤ $20: The Pins Club It contains  the monthly enamel PIN! 💕 + 3 surprise Aceo cards

❤ $25: The Print pack: It contains a signed print, the monthly card, 4 Aceo cards and The monthly enamel PIN! +💕

❤ $75: Surprise Drawing: And finally the ultimate reward! I will send to you a surprise original drawing each time you suscribe to it, all the previous rewards (limited slots) 4 Aceo cards + The PIN! 💕

Thank you very much for you visit, If you decide to become my patron you will help my art to continue, evolve and new projects to born! Sybile xxx

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❤ I'm so happy to feel supported by awesome people, Thank you! I will be able to live easily of my passion and realize all the related projects. I'll do something special When I'll reach that goal! ❤

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