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What is Chroma Hills?
The Chroma Hills resource/texture pack is a long standing and highly regarded visual add-on from Minecraft. It has surpassed over 5 million downloads since release and has had 1000's of hours of work put into it by myself over many years. 

I'm the creator of this project am an experienced graphics artist who in my younger years spent 10 years in the games industry. I took to making Chroma Hills back in 2012 as a stress release when a business I ran had to close I learned how much fun it was to put your own vision in the blocky world of Minecraft and it gave me great satisfaction to be making game content again.

Why Support Me?

Firstly, I was unaware of Patreon until some fans of my work asked me if I was on it  so I looked into it further. It could really be the answer for everyone for development of Chroma Hills RP! I am based in the UK so the goals i'm looking at reflect converting dollars to pounds.
As much as I love to put in 1000's of hours of work into this project for the enjoyment of hundreds of thousands of fans for free, it is extremely difficult to continue at the rate it currently needs to keep up with the ever updating game. As well as expand it into the huge mod scene as I am asked to do on a daily basis. Some of the mods people want supported are twice as big as the actual pack and I'm still not up to date with that. I'm a 39 yr old designer/artist and have a family & commitments to support. The pack takes a tremendous amount of my time and with your support I could actually get some financial benefit that would allow me to continue to commit to its ongoing development and expansion as well as stop having to justify to my family that I'm not stark raving bonkers doing all this hours a day! :)

In a nut shell your support and motivation would allow me to continue producing the resource pack at a faster rate. With your support I plan on producing lots more content that everyone will enjoy and to provide regular updating without waiting so long and I think most importantly support for the most popular mod packs out there.

How can you help?
This is where you come in. By supporting me on Patreon you can help make this happen. By reaching the goals I have set it enables me to stop worrying about looking for other work that slows down the development of the resource pack and other related endeavors but allows me to branch out with you and the community to help make this one of the most god damn awesome resource packs in the world (maybe) :D and finally add full support for the requested 32x version I am asked for daily!

Whether you are able to support me in this way or not please continue to use the resource pack and tell your friends as every little step helps make this community-backed project a reality for me and provides some awesome rewards for you supporting me. 

To sum up I IMMENSELY enjoy working on Chroma Hills but as just one artist the level of commitment to continue for years to come is a tall order so i'm reaching out to the community to see who can help keep this candle burning bright.

Thank you for listening and I'm over overwhelmed at how many enjoy my work.

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