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Early Access
Thanks for supporting me, in return for showing your support and enthusiasm for what I do I will provide you with early access to all the Chroma Hills updates and downloads.
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Exclusive Community
You will receive special access to the exclusive forum area on the website where I directly discuss ideas with you and implement the most popular ideas into the latest update. This also includes the early access perk.
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Monthly Newsletter
Along with getting access to the exclusive side of the community forums and early access to the downloads. I will be delighted to included you in my monthly newsletter where I keep you updated on the progress that has been made.
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Wallpaper Mania
Including all above perks and I will create Chroma Hills wallpapers for you to download and use at your pleasure.
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Fancy Personalised Letter
A massive thank you to the people who support me with $50 or more per month. For this I will type out (my hand writing is terrible) personalised message to you to show my appreciation and I will include some artwork however I can inside it. Along with providing all previous perks
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Mystical Skype Call
So this is it, you've shown an outstanding support and let's get in a Skype call and have a laugh and we can share ideas. Not only will you receive my letter of appreciation, newsletter, forum access and early releases but we discuss whatever is on the agenda including the resource pack and discussing expansion, mod support or just have a good 'ol chat :)