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is creating Photoshop Brushes & Digital Paintings
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•   Misc. Brush Samples, chosen from current WIP packs
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•   Brush Samples + Mini-Pack of current WIP Packs

( .TPL, .ABR downloads work with Photoshop + Adobe Sketch. -Digital Download) 

•   Monthly phone/desktop wallpapers (Digital Download) 

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•  Brush Samples + Mini-Pack of current WIP Packs
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•  Monthly Phone/Desktop Wallpapers (Digital Download) 

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About Syd Weiler

Are you a digital painter? Do you like playing with new brushes?
Photoshop is a powerful medium - part of its toolkit is its brush engine, which can be used to build tools to do just about anything your heart desires. Making custom brushes has been a staple to my digital work for more than two years. I've built up a library of hundreds of unique brushes.

Why have a Patreon page? 

This page is to support the development of brushes and work made from them. Patreon allows me the flexibility to experiment and develop the work without constantly worrying about marketing each and every little thing - it frees me up to do more and worry less!

What will I get for supporting you on Patreon? 

Patrons will receive a variety of content, including brushes (.TPL & .ABR - support for CS6+,) textures, patterns, wallpapers, tutorial videos and write-ups, files, my eternal gratitude and more within the tiered perks (listed right) per month of pledge. Content will depend on what I'm working on during that time period! 

Can I sell work I make with your brushes?

Patrons are assigned rights to use brushes for personal, commercial and non-profit work! Yes, you can sell the work you make with my brushes.  Just not the brushes themselves. ;) 
A more specific license write-up comes in .txt form with most brush downloads, if you are worried about specifics!

Pledges are charged upon commitment, and on the first of every month after that.

Not for you? Don't worry! You can cancel your pledge at any time, and you won't be charged for the next month.  

Support for these brushes and sketches will allow me to develop them regularly.  I really appreciate your pledge, and hope you love the work! 

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