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About Sylessae

Hi there, I'm Sylessae! I'm a high energy artist with a positive outlook on life - there's never a moment where I'm not laughing, smiling, or happy to share my artwork with the internet. My characters are predominantly fantasy girls with the not-so-occasional pointed ears and horns.

I wasn't always working as an artist. For the first half of my life I was told art wasn't a career and quit doodling even as a hobby. It wasn't until three years ago when I discovered the world of digital art and fantasy characters that I decided I wanted to chase a new dream. I worked two jobs while I taught myself art; it was an immensely challenging situation that I think was key in developing my work ethic as an individual.

Now I channel that energy into patreon; I work full-time as a digital artist and spend every week with the community in the form of livestreaming. I think we have more fun here than humans are supposed to but I can't complain. ;)

These are a few of the things you can expect to see as part of joining us here:

I spend a lot of time with my community! Some artists are difficult to connect with but I never want to feel out of reach. We're family here - all growing together in a creative community; shouldn't we spend it on a platform that allows for real time chat?

‣ DAEMON ANIMAURAS SERIES (Current Personal Project!)
Daemon Animauras is a series based on strong fantasy female characters. Each girl is defined by the features of a single animal, interpreted in a way that best represents my style and imagination. Characters blend within snippets of story to invoke a sense of wonder while viewing each painting. Each girl will be available as a limited edition print through patreon; as for a larger project (like an art book or zine) once the collection is completed, that is yet to be determined.

Sketches often keep me busy between larger projects! The illustrations, however, are the big projects with a focus on color and characters. Still, I'm always reaching out and learning new things to improve. Generally, all of the work here is original. 

When I'm not painting, streaming or drinking coffee, I also like to talk to my plants and take naps with my cat.

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