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Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu

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$1 per month

The suggested pledge is $5, but as little as $1 will get you access to some of the very best of Patreon support. 

* You will have immediate access to the 5 most recent entries of the "Preserve the Legacy" Muay Thai Library documentary project. These are long form training videos with legends, around 1 hour in length, accompanied by my commentary and analysis. Read about these videos here. Watch new sessions as they are published each month.

* Access to the much beloved Muay Thai Bones podcast for iTunes or any other subscription service. Hours long discussion of everything involved in the Muay Thai life, the most in-depth topics  taken on. The podcast involves audio versions of the Muay Thai Library are well.

* I write regularly on my blog, but patrons are able to read articles written for my only patrons, what I'm calling my Patreon Magazine, in-depth stories of my experiences and perspectives as a fighter in Thailand.

Suggested Pledge $5
$5 per month
$5 is the suggested pledge amount, going to support the documentation of the techniques of legends in the Preserve the Legacy project documenting the great men and techniques of Thailand, read about that here.

A $5 pledge gives you access to the last 15 published sessions in the Library, and also gives you access to bonus session material, long form sessions not included in the Muay Thai Library. This totals over 20 hours of commentary documentary video.

It also gives access to my new Muay Thai Burnout fitness videos.  

Know that you are also actively supporting me as a fighter as I pursue an unheard of 450 fights in Thailand, and all my work as a writer at

All lower pledge rewards included.

Full Muay Thai Library Access
$10 per month
A supportive pledge of $10 not only lifts up this project to new levels, it gives access to the full Muay Thai Library beyond the 15 most recent videos, and all the bonus videos. Everyone month more than 1 session is added so the full archive you have access to will grow. The aim is to have 100s of hours of documentary sessions in the Library. 

All lower level rewards included.

Big Time Sylvie Supporter
$15 per month
You are a big supporter of my fighting and writing, going a long way to aid me in my quest to break the 90 year old record for the most documented professional fights ever, surpassing Len Wickwar's 470 and win both an Olympic Gold and a Lumpinee Belt, and to be able to write on both and Not only are you sending significant support my way, you also get significant discounts on video purchases in my Vimeo On Demand Sylvie Study content. You can see those long form commentary videos here

A huge thank you everyone supporting me above and beyond, making everything possible.

Ultimate Supporter! Signed Portrait
$35 per month
At this tier, your pledge commits to every aspect of what it takes to do what I do and create the content I create; whether that's fighting, writing, filming, recording, interviewing, traveling to reach a legend or opponent, etc. All of this is made possible by my patron supporters and at this level of support you are making a powerful contribution toward all of it. 

As an Ultimate Sylvie Supporter you will receive a signed photo portrait from me. This has been my favorite photo taken of me ever, by the photographer Robert Cohen - you can read about the photo here - and I offer a personalized dedication option, just let me know what you'd like.

Now the Robert Cohen 8" x 10" portrait is printed in a gallery quality (3 mm) acrylic print that is ready to hang if you choose. Because it's rigid it ships very well. 

You can see a video of what the print looks like here: Signed Sylvie Portrait
Epic Signed Kevin Photographic Portrait
$65 per month
Not only are you an ultimate supporter, making everything I do possible in a very generous way, but your support of me as a documentarian and a fighter receives a thank you of a personalized photographic portrait taken by my husband. This is the first time one of his photographs is made available with my signature, something many have asked for. 

These prints are gallery quality, acrylic prints 10" x 15" and ready to hang. Just let me know how you'd like me to dedicate the photograph. 

This photo captures me in my truly endless work in the gym, and my tigers Sak Yant, given to me by Arjan Pi Bangkrating, which inspire me and empower me, as seen through my husband Kevin's eyes. It is an expression of our effort together.

You can see video of this signed print here:
Sponsor of "Preserve the Legacy" Muay Thai Library Documentary Project
$90 per month
With a pledge of $90 a month you can become an official sponsor of the Preserve the Legacy Muay Thai Library project. You'll get a logo lead in on every long form video published, an exit logo on all shorter Facebook Book social media Preserve the Legacy clips, and social media call outs on all sharing of Preserve the Legacy shares. You'd be taking a stake in this project. Each prospective official sponsor will not conflict with the industry purview of current sponsors, so there is some review.

This requires a 6 month commitment.

Official Sponsor of Me as a Fighter
$250 per month

Become a Official Sponsor of me as a fighter and This will give you a sponsor position on post pages, numbering in the 1,000s, and hopefully start a lasting mutual relationship between us, in which we help each other. I'll have a fight top made with your logo, and fight exclusively in it as long as rules allow, as well as make our relationship a presence in my sharing, call outs on my biggest events, as well as a logo lead or exit on all my newly uploaded, edited, general public YouTube videos (there are already more than 3,000 videos there, I post frequently) and edited Facebook videos  (both excluding Preserve the Legacy content). You will be a major reason thrives, and that I am able to fight at historic levels now perusing a historic 471 fights  - this is something to celebrate. This requires a 6 month commitment.