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Coral is made out of countless tiny polyps, symbiotic animals holding photosynthesizing plankton within their tissues and creating massive reef structures out of thousands of generations of skeletons cemented together. Polyps form a strong base of support, and we are so grateful for even the smallest contribution!

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pop-ed exercises: icebreakers and segues

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Lichen are composite organisms that arise from symbiotic relationships between algae and fungi - the photosynthesizing algae feed the fungi while being sheltered and watered inside their protective bodies.  Lichen can gain a foothold on almost any surface, and gradually decompose stone into soil, creating the ground on which others can flourish.  

Lichen supporters will get monthly emails with icebreakers and segues, quick easy games that invite participation and bring the group together.

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pop-ed exercises: games and tools

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Mycelial fungi spread tiny networks throughout the soil, sharing resources and information, helping trees to uptake nutrients necessary to become complex vertical micro-ecosystems.  

Mycelium supporters will get monthly emails with games, puzzles, challenges, visual aids and discussion tools that can help us to connect participants, encourage sharing, build a good group dynamic, and break down complex topics to make them accessible.

Supporters at this level also receive other pop-ed exercises.



About Symbiosis Strategic Education

As permaculturists encourage ”stacking functions,” and strategists seek ”force multipliers,” activists and change-makers can work with artists, performers, educators, and mentors to deepen the efficacy of their projects and invigorate local culture with values of community resiliency, collaboration, and autonomy. 

My name is Tyler, and for the past 10 years I have been studying and experimenting with popular education techniques, based on the powerfully transformative idea that we are all teachers and learners.  Now I am starting Symbiosis Strategic Education as an initiative to create effective and empowering popular education programs by bringing together activists, creators, trainers, and diverse communities to identify, learn and share the skills that they need to grow grassroots power. This includes everything from screen-printing and web design, to meeting facilitation and conflict de-escalation, to mapping and analysis, to auto mechanics and cooking for a crowd.

And it’s gonna be fun, yo! We design engaging exercises and pop-ed games that swiftly build multi-perspective knowledge, yet remain accessible and inviting even to curious newcomers just popping in on their lunch break.

Building the Movement for Mutual Aid is the first project of Symbiosis Strategic Education, partnered with Mutual Aid Disaster Relief, a grassroots network of environmental and social justice groups preparing their communities for natural and unnatural disasters and practicing d.i.y. direct action humanitarian aid.

As states and institutions turn their backs on communities struggling for human rights and dignity, we will learn how to take care of each other. Beyond basic needs, we must learn how to really hold on to each other and watch each other's backs when systems break down - whether it be a hurricane or a hate rally, a widely destructive pipeline project or an acute mental health emergency - our projects, communities, and cultures of support and solidarity grow seeds of humanity, cooperation, and hope.

We have already conducted two “Building the Movement for Mutual Aid” Training Tours in 2018, and they were very successful! Read about Spring Tour in the East and Fall Tour in the West.  And REQUEST A VISIT TO YOUR COMMUNITY! We would love to connect with more diverse groups in all regions.

Now we are organizing "Phase 2," which will involve more trainers, possibly multiple tour teams with a regional approach, as well as publishing videos, resources including a facilitation guide that you can use to conduct our introductory training on your own, and numerous other learning tools (including a card game!). We are already actualizing our goals of empowering new trainers and providing a variety of free, open-source curricula to encourage our network to begin a process of strategic, progressive learning and skill-building.

I have been a lifelong ”cross-pollinator,” seeking to make connections between diverse communities and to inspire creativity and imagination in existing movements for social and environmental justice, with the hope that together we can grow new innovative cross-movement campaigns and projects.  Creating positive change in today’s world is a daunting task that requires innovation and tenacity, and during my travels I have had the privilege of meeting countless brilliant minds working on lots of exciting projects, but have not yet completed the task of interweaving all of the threads. After many years volunteering with the Beehive Collective and gifting a wide variety of art/story work for other groups such as Rising Tide North America, I was knocked out of orbit for a few years due to a nasty illness.

I am much better now, but I will never again have the strength and stamina necessary to do the hard labor of seasonal construction work, formerly my main income. No matter the obstacles, I will continue to do everything in my power to make positive change in the world, and I know that this ”cross-pollination” work is the niche where I am extremely effective.

And that is why I am reaching out to my community to ask for assistance to help me to follow my passion and to sustain this important movement building work.  Thank you for your support!
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It doesn’t matter how much you give! It just feels good to know that folks out there have got our backs!

We are a long way from fully funding a new project, and I am certainly not getting rich off this Patreon campaign... in fact, that is not even my goal!  I have high hopes that I can use the support of many to show grantors and other potential funders that there is already a great need and popular backing for this work, to encourage them to give more.

That means that the amount that you give is not super important - I just LOVE all my $1 patrons!  It also means that sharing this and encouraging others to sign up may be the most helpful way to contribute.

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