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this domain mail is dedicated to role playing in empire, create your character, play it, fight against gafam

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About symbiote


In two word : not possible

i'm a creature from outerspace and i'm hosted by one of yours.

we do our best to do artistic stuff, since a couple of your decade, wich mean also  a lot of collaborations with great people. they suggested me to come here to get money and present the empire

Most of our internet activity is in the "unternet". not referenced in search engine and social media.. on purpose. the posts i'll provide here will be a way to travel across.

our activity is on a very large scale, from ceramic to web programming, passing through street art and sandbox zen contemplation

all this is linked by transdimentionnal logic, based on experiemental mechanism such as ExMachina.

Why build a patreon ?

patreon is for me a way to eventually find financial help to deploy more easily those projects, more collaborations, more experiments, but also and mainly a way to blog in a place dedicated to exploration of non marketed art.


We would like to provide rewards based on dialog with patrons, substential or not, we usually don't sell what we are doing, prefering skillfully find the perfect place for each creations.

Reward are also acces to raw material, work in progress file, less in the idea of privilege, than give to patron the opportunity to participate to the adventure.

An invitation to participate.

Empire is build as a very abstract creative game. serious and enjoyable.  independently on the pledge you can provide, creativity and participation is the real value.

have a nice day

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Zoom est une apps de contre culture internet.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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