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"In Irish law, busking is considered vagrancy. You can be arrested for it. It's risky asking people for money in public." (-Glen Hansard) Thanks for helping us not get arrested in Ireland! This tier gets you:

  • Access to shared content from our collaborators: Curious to see our team's art in action? Well, now you can do that all in one place! We'll share their music videos, our collaborative dance videos, and more. 
  • Access to introduction videos of the dancers and other artists: Learn a little bit more about each of us and see not-yet-released photos from our Company photographer.
  • [1] Synergia vinyl logo sticker per season: Yep. Vinyl. The good stuff. And if you like stickers as much as our Artistic Director (that and temporary tattoos... it's sort of a thing) then this is right up your adhesive alley.

Suh-weet Nectar

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Thank you! This sweet nectar will help us rise up and dance! (sorry, we couldn't help ourselves with that movie reference) With this tier you get all previous tier's benefits plus:

  • Access to DANCER + DIRECTOR interviews: We've got some great questions cooked up to ask our dancers. Wanna' know why they do what they do, how they got here, how this process has been for them, what they struggle with, their spirit animal, their inspirations, and more? Well, stick around because we'll share the juicy stuff with ya'.
  • Shout out on all Synergia's social media platforms: We appreciate ya', fam and we'll tell the world on Instagram and Facebook that you're helping us with our grind. 
  • [1] Synergia dancer group photo per season: Printed. Professional. Delivered to your mailbox. Curious to know just how professional we're talking here... go check out Kiki Vassilakis Photography on Instagram on on the world wide webs (and maybe have a bib on-hand to catch the drool). This will be delivered to those who have spent at least 3 months at or above this tier (during our show's season).
  • [1] Synergia custom artwork designed by one of our dancers: We're pretty lucky that one of our dancers loves, and is darn tootin' good at, graphic design. She's worked up a Season 1 square poster and we're pretty excited to send it to ya'. This will be delivered toward the end of our season to those who have spent at least 3 months at or above this tier (during our show's season).

Tidal Wave

per month

"Fear causes hesitation." (-Bodhi, "Point Break) You're helping us make this adventure feel a little less, well, scary. This tier gets you all previous tier's benefits plus:

  • Access to ARTIST interviews: Between tours and shows, creating and recording, making movies, hustlin' at their side gigs (artist pay often requires we take on multiple jobs) and doing life, we'll catch up with them for exclusive interviews to share with you! 
  • [2] Synergia temporary tattoos per season: Remember that affection for temporary tattoos we mentioned earlier? You can usually find our Artistic Director sporting some kind of triangle design and, in fact, it was that fashion habit that led to our logo! Our photographer, Kiki Vassilakis, suggested we work with triangles since she's seen our Director wear them regularly. And, we should add here that one of our friends from Chromoscope mocked up an early triangular design reminiscent of a mountain, with the idea of showing how one elevates the next. So, in essence, our logo is yet another collaboration but it's one you CAN WEAR! This will be sent out after you've been at or above this tier for 3 months during a season.
  • [1] Synergia t-shirt OR beanie per season: That triangle tho'! Also an all-time favorite shape of our Artistic Director, our triangles gently working together to elevate, while taking on characteristics of the ones that came before will be yours to wear! This will be sent out after you've been at or above this tier for 3 months during a season. Which one will you get? Well, we decided to handle this one like a democracy and go with majority rules (i.e. put it to good ol' a vote).




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About Synergia Dance Project

Thanks so much for coming to our Patreon page! Synergia Dance Project, based out of Troy, NY, is a 7-member dance company promoting collaborative relationships between dancers, musicians, and cinematographers to create our debut show "Dark Blue Sea". By working together, we hope to inspire one another and grow our creative community.

Season 1 artist collaborators are:
  • Music: Dark Honey, Girl Blue, and The Sea The Sea
  • Cinematography: Chromoscope Pictures
  • Photography: Kiki Vassilakis

Together, under the direction of Artistic Director Nadine Medina, we are passionately working to create our debut show for the fall of 2019: "Dark Blue Sea". Financially, we are starting from the ground up, and by joining our exclusive community you're getting us closer to reaching our goals! Check out the tiers listed on our page to see which one is right for you, each of which gets you access to some pretty cool stuff! You can change your subscription, take a break, or cancel at any time. Benefits of our different tiers (subscriptions) include:

  • Dancer introduction videos sharing some little-known facts and previously unreleased photos
  • Dancer, Director, and Artist interviews
  • Sneak peeks of NEW choreography as well as the story behind the song or choreography
  • Exclusive rehearsal videos
  • Performance venue tour videos to see how we're using your donations
  • Synergia merch (vinyl stickers, posters, photographs, beanies, and more) 
  • Artist merch
  • Social shout-outs
  • Tickets to shows
  • Playlists of our fave songs to move to
  • Behind the scenes footage
  • More!
$4.53 of $300 per month
We'll be able to:
  • Book at least two performance venues for "Dark Blue Sea"
  • Release video walk-throughs of all of three performance spaces
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts

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