Syren Nagakyrie is creating Disability Resources, Spiritual Activism, Community Building

Filling the Cauldron

$1 /mo
You will receive access to my patron-only feed where I will pre-release all of my articles, poetry, and blog posts before they go public. You will also be able to suggest topics and ask questions f...

Super Secret Coffee Club

$5 /mo
Thank you! Imagine you have bought me a cup of coffee and we are sitting down for a chat. That is the atmosphere I hope to create, through giving you access to a sooper-sekrit journal

A Poem For a Meal

$10 /mo
Hey, thanks! You just bought me a meal, or maybe a drink, and we're going to spend some time together. 

You'll receive a short poem or piece of prose written just for you! ...


Circle of Witches

$13 /mo
This one is the Witches Special. Where my witches at?! 

You'll get a handmade talisman and access to special witchy posts and networking and learning opportunities. As wel...

Shower of Blessings

$20 /mo
Wow! Once the swoon passes I would like to shower you with gifts. I will give you a digital copy of my chapbook, a talisman or other handmade creation and the short piece of writin...


$30 /mo
Oh hey... I am totally swooning with gratitude.

You will receive a print copy of my chapbook in your shower of gifts! You get the chapbook, a talisman or other handmade cr...

Super Supporter

$50 /mo
This is really incredible. This reward gets you 30 minutes of one on one time with me every month that you contribute at this level. Maybe you are working on your ...