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Help purchase an additional two servers so that we can securely preserve visual documentation related to human rights violations committed in Syria for another year.

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Fund our expert team of researchers and investigators to quickly verify major incidents of human rights violations and to curate evidence in public databases for use in justice and accountability processes.

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About Syrian Archive

Syrian Archive is in a race against time to preserve evidence of human rights violations in Syria - and we need your help. Every day, photos, videos and other data uploaded from Syria to social media platforms are being removed and in some cases permanently deleted. This content could be critical to shaping the outcomes of justice and accountability processes and we are doing all we can to save it.

So far we have collected and safely preserved 3.3 million pieces of content and worked with social media platforms to restore 350,000 others. And we don’t just archive this data - we verify it, we publish it in open databases for lawyers and advocates to search and use, and we conduct in-depth investigations into major incidents.

Syrian Archive is Syrian-led and initiated, and our collective of human rights activists, researchers and technologists is small but dedicated. Here’s some of what we have achieved:

  • We have published a number of searchable databases of documentation related to chemical attacks, Russian airstrikes attacks on medical facilities, attacks on humanitarian workers and more.
  • We teamed up to investigate and uncover unlawful activities related to the Syrian chemical supply chain from Europe - resulting in the conviction of three Belgian companies and hundreds of thousands of euros in fines handed out along with prison sentences for managing directors.
  • Our evidence was and is being used to support legal case building in Europe and elsewhere
  • Our in-depth investigations, using visual verification tools, have confirmed facts surrounding significant incidents of war crimes including most recently the deliberate targeting of hospitals in Idlib.
  • We have trained more than 1,000 activists, journalists, lawyers and human rights defenders on using our tools and methodologies for their own investigative work.
  • We have collaborated with technologists to build open-source tools to automatically download material through the development of SugarCube and to automatically find objects within the videos through the development of VFRAME.
  • We helped set up the Yemeni Archive and Sudanese Archive to preserve and verify evidence of human rights violations using our methodologies and what we’ve learned
  • We have supported data journalism efforts by the New York Times and other international media organisations.
  • We have presented our research methodologies in an open source format to allow others to replicate our process.

In Syria, countless citizen journalists have died holding cameras in their hands and human rights defenders have been forcibly disappeared for engaging in documentation work. Their contributions to the Syrian memory are critical at a time when disinformation and narrative distortion are helping sow division and cover up war crimes. We believe it is our duty to save this hard-earned evidence and use it to preserve the Syrian memory. Please support us. 

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