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About Syrian Archive

The Syrian Archive is a Syrian-led and initiated collective of human rights activists dedicated to preserving, verifying and investigating open-source documentation relating to human rights violations committed by all sides during the Syrian conflict, and to developing innovative open-source tools and methodologies to assist in these efforts.

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We collaborate with the United Nations Office for High Commission of Human Rights and a large network of Syrian and international journalists, lawyers and human rights defenders.

We are currently creating a database of open source content related to chemical weapon attacks and we are looking for support in our efforts. Videos posted on YouTube, Facebook posts and tweets being taken down or lost daily, so we need to act quickly to preserve this vital information for advocacy efforts now and accountability measures in the future.

We are a small group of dedicated researchers, journalists and technologists not only working on preserving evidence but also on in-depth investigations. By becoming a Patreon of us we would be able to continue the work we are doing. 

So far we have collected and safely preserved 1.4 million videos - your donation would help us continue with this effort. 
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When the Syrian Archive reaches 950 USD a month, We'll cover the costs for two server to securely preserve visual documentation related to human rights violations committed in Syria in order to use it to support advocacy research, criminal case building and transitional justice. 
For more details connect with the Syrian Archive team: [email protected]
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