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About SystemGlitch

I am a passionate developer and architect, always looking for improvement. I believe open-source software is a fantastic way of benefiting from the skills and experience of each individual in order to produce better, faster and stronger code. I thrive at the idea of being able to help developers all around the world to build their projects.

In short, this is what I do, I contribute to open source software and create my own too. I share my code for free on Github.

Here is a short list of my most significant open-source contributions:
- Goyave: A web framework written in Go
- ProjectCeleste: A fan-project reviving the game Age of Empires Online (I contribute on their websites and translations)
- Solidity-IDE: An IDE to simplify Ethereum Smart Contract development and learning
- Elyssif: A secure file-sharing platform
- Various pull requests on existing libraries and projects

I do all of this for free, alongside my full-time job. Funding me would help me take more time to maintain my projects, contribute more and continue making the software world a better place. And eventually become a full-time maintainer.
I can't thank enough anyone who decide to become my patreon for it allows me to act in an environment I prefer. The money will also allow me to buy various software licenses and pay for subscriptions such as Github Pro, a VPS, domain names, etc.

All my patreons will be listed on my repositories and in the documentation of my projects. My patreons with the highest pledge can request contributions.

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