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~ You are the Dreamer; without you, we would never invent or discover; from you, all things are possible. ~

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~ You are the Music-Maker; you know the toil that comes with dreams; you know the triumph of creation and work well-done. ~

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About Andromeda Ross


I am a Renaissance Woman: a writer, photographer, artist, actress, and designer. I believe in dreams, like not living by an alarm clock. Like the freedom (and responsibility) to live in accordance with my values and passions. That's why I'm here on Patreon. That's why I'm happy you're here.

I am System Andromeda

You may have landed here from one of my many projects. Perhaps you've seen my photography work on Instagram, or maybe you follow one of my blogs like Ransomed Roads or The Lost Title Cards. However you arrived, I welcome you!

As a lifelong learner walking multiple paths, I want to know about your dreams. I want to help you achieve them, by sharing with you the tools and methods I use to achieve my goals...the plans I've made to realize my dreams. I want us all to show the world that one can follow their passion (or passions) and succeed. Let's prove the naysayers wrong.

We are the music-makers, 
And we are the dreamers of dreams,
...we are the movers and shakers 
Of the world for ever, it seems.

~Arthur O'Shaughnessy

Where Your Money Goes & What You Get:

Yes, I am working toward an independent lifestyle that allows me to spend the majority of my time creating and promoting lifestyle freedom for everyone, a goal that requires means. I look to supplement the income I gain from gigs & projects with patron income. This gives me a bit of breathing room to continue free projects like my blogs and life coaching work. It also keeps me accountable to myself and my audience. For your contribution (thank you), you get to be in on the ground floor, so-to-speak, in my revolutions toward lifestyle freedom. I'm always interested in answering questions about my work and things you'd like to see, so feel free to contact me, make suggestions or just say "Hi!" If you enjoy my work and like my philosophy (below), please join me on my journey.

Ongoing Projects*:

* To know what social media sites to follow me on, visit this page, or follow me here on Patreon!

Upcoming Projects:

  • Launching re-vamped website, Patreon page, and newsletters [early 2021]
  • Launching website and blog for acting and filmmaking [early 2021]
  • Workshops for lifestyle freedom and design [2021]
  • Launching products for Tricky Fish Photography [2021]
  • Finishing historical romance novel [2021-2022]
  • Build a tiny home on wheels (THOW) [2022-2025 (likely)]
  • Write book focusing on lifestyle design and tools for dealing with the trickier aspects of Autism 
* I am also for hire as a writer, proofreader & editor. I've worked with AP & Oxford the most.

My Philosophy:

  • Possibility - The Dreamer needs imagination (vision), passion (drive) and opportunity (means). Having all three leads to...
  • Potential - The Dreamer can put plans to their Dreams, achieve their purpose, and walk their own path.
  • Hope - With a lot of determination and a little luck, the Dreamer can find Independence and Freedom, inspiring others along the way to live more fulfilled lives.
...and that is what I hope to do: Inspire.
Pure Possibility
Pure Potential
Pure Hope
$17.08 of $100 per month
At $100, I can spend more time on the projects that will get me closer to my goal of financial independence and lifestyle freedom. I will do a multi-media project on the history and future of patronage of the arts.
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