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"Hey," you're thinking, "That episode was pretty good, one of them even had a thought!  That seems worth a dollar."  Well it probably isn't, but you can still give us a dollar!  We appreciate it when that happens.

OH!  Also we have bonus episodes now.  They'll be every two weeks, concurrent with regular System Mastery releases, and they'll chronicle our painful attempts to build characters in each system we review.  These are available for subscribers at ANY level, and will be posted only here on Patreon, so watch for those!
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Almost All the Bonus Content

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We've now got two kinds of bonus episodes!  The original recipe bonus episodes that exist in tandem with System Mastery, and our new Wookiepedia Extra Crispy Deep Dives that exist in tandem with Expounded Universe.  In a bald-faced attempt to generate extra revenue to feed Jef's wriggling baby, we're introducing these new Star Wars spectaculars at the low low price of $2 (per episode of System Mastery, same as always).  What does that mean for you, the donor?  Well, most months it means you give us four dollars.  And what does that give you?  On average, SIX bonus episodes of additional System Mastery content.  That's less than a dollar each, says the part of me that remembers TV commercials from the 80s!
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Afterthought Cheese Dude Pro

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Monthly episodes of Afterthought, our old show we had to retire for time, are yours once more, exclusively at this tier!  You've given us the time, so here's the show back.

Additionally, at this range you get access to our preview activity entries, which are a thing I just made up while typing this.  That way you can see what book we're currently reading while we're reading it, plus any notes about it that seem of interest to us.

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About System Mastery Podcasts

Hi there, we're System Mastery ( and we really just want people to listen to us, but if they want to help us keep going, that's fine too.

With your support and encouragement, we’ve grown this silly show into a silly brand into a whole collection of shows that we love to do. This is the longest job either of us has ever held, and it’s the only one we’ve loved. Our headline has always said “We’re System Mastery” but at this point we’re also Movie Mastery, Afterthought, Gamma Crawl, and Expounded Universe, and none of that would have happened without our patrons and the encouragement of our listeners. This patreon pays our webhosting fees and keeps us in terrible books to review. That’s on you, and we thank you. Our new goals include making some new favorites more common (everyone wants that weekly Expounded Universe) and in travel. We want to come meet you! We want to get out to Gencon and Origins and Pax Unplugged and sit down and play games with our listeners (and yes, also leave immediately for hot dogs)! So if you join us now, that’s what you’re empowering. Thanks!

We're actually pretty happy being low class fringe folks.  This was never meant to be a profitable venture.  All we want is to keep doing what we've been doing.  A few bucks a year will pay our webhosting fees and maybe even get a few games to review.  Don't worry about it though, this isn't a last-ditch effort.  We like our listeners and will just keep plugging along making these if you just keep plugging along and listening to them.
$2,798.41 of $2,999 per Podcast
Monster Mash - The PDF:  At this point we'll take our previous AP goal, tighten it up and run it through the editing wringer, and put it on DriveThruRPG.  Free.  Jef's crazy scheme to take a wonderful but underserved old game and turn it into something also crazy will see the light of day as a free downloadable pdf! (we may charge for supplements for it in the future if I'm honest and I am)
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