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Cheese Dude

$1 /creation
"Hey," you're thinking, "That episode was pretty good, one of them even had a thought!  That seems worth a dollar."  Well it probably isn't, but you can still give us a dollar!  We appreciate it wh...

All the Bonus Content

$2 /creation
We've now got two kinds of bonus episodes!  The original recipe bonus episodes that exist in tandem with System Mastery, and our new Wookiepedia Extra Crispy Deep Dives that exist in tandem with Ex...

Super Cheese Dude

$5 /creation
We're having a hard time justifying the concept of reward tiers.  We're just happy to see subscriber numbers grow, honestly.  But here's something cool, I hope.  At this range you get access to our...

Ultra Cheese Dude

$10 /creation
I'll make a note of when you start at this level.  After 5 consecutive paid episodes, we'll be happy to read a prepared note from you on the show.  We'll introduce it as such, but you can honestly ...

Ultra Platinum Extreme

$1,000 /creation
At this tier we'll let you pick some of the movies and books we review each year, I guess.  Like say... 2 of each, not counting Expounded Universe books.  Also you can come hang out with us and Jef...

Ray Liotta Private Select

$2,000 /creation
This tier is reserved for Ray Liotta.  As soon as he gets around to loving RPGs, gets interested in the weird aspects of them, and finds our show, this is here for him.