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Hello Fellow Patreons,

My name is Jesse Smith and, if you're involved in the open source community you may have seen some of my existing projects. I helped port the Lumina desktop environment to Linux, made a Linux and FreeBSD port of the doas command, currently maintain the Bftpd simple FTP server, and maintain the LimitCPU utility. I am also the author of the 3.5 Edition Dungeons and Dragons Character Generator. Alternatively you might have stumbled across my reviews and tutorials on DistroWatch.

One of my more recent projects is maintenance of the venerable and widely used SysV init software. SysV init has been around for decades and is the software used to boot millions of Linux-powered computers around the world. SysV is lightweight, stable and flexible and is used by such popular Linux distributions as PCLinuxOS, Slackware, antiX, Linux Mint Debian Edition, Devuan and MX Linux.

Another project I am currently working on is GNU Patch. The Patch command is used by many developers in the open source community. Unfortunately, the current version of Patch has a number of bugs and the utility has not been updated in over a year. I am making an effort to fix known bugs and coordinate improvements with distributions to make patch a better, safer development tool.

$40.08 of $250 per month
This will allow me to take a few days each month to focus on SysV init. Bugs will be addressed and regular updates will be posted on the project's website and Twitter.
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