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About Stories of Yore and Yours

THANK YOU! The fact that you've taken the time to visit this page shows that you're willing to support creators, which is awesome. Hopefully you're here because you, like me, love a good story. If that's the case, you've come to the right page. Stories of Yore and Yours is a seasonal podcast where host Shawn Ennis (that's me) narrates classic stories in addition to those submitted by listeners and authors, adding music and sound effects to bring you inside the story.

Shortly before the launch of season two, I'm launching this Patreon campaign to help fund the growth of the show. I absolutely love putting this show out - I love finding and narrating new stories, discovering new authors, and interacting with you, the audience! That being said, besides taking a lot of time for production, the show costs money to produce and host. And that's just the basics! With your support, the first two items on the docket are to order some custom merchandise (which will go to patrons, of course) and launch a brand spanking new website. Other eventual plans include upgrading equipment and treating my makeshift studio with some soundproofing and sound dampening materials.

If you like the show and you want to support it, check out the tiers and sign up to contribute whatever you feel inclined to. The main show will always be free, but I do plan on putting out some high-quality patron-only content as well. And if you have something in mind that you don't see listed in any of the tiers, don't be shy - let me know!
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You're helping the show to pay for itself, and I thank you! Here's what you Creative-types get:

-A shoutout on the show and my undying gratitude
-You'll receive a Stories of Yore and Yours laptop sticker. And any time merchandise changes, you'll get an updated sticker!

-Bonus content! That means one full episode per month during the offseason

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You're starting to make some noise on the literary scene! Here's what's in store for you Storytellers at this level:

-All of the creative-type benefits

-The patrons-only Stories of Yore and Yours magnet. And if/when there's a redesign of stickers or magnets, I'll send you that, too!

-More bonus content! Anything above and beyond the one bonus episode per month in the offseason lives here. 

-Your story request takes top priority (provided the story is public domain or you have the rights to it) 

Weaver of Yarns
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You're pretty much a household name at this point! Here's what the Weavers of Yarns get: 

-All of the benefits of the first two tiers

-Early access to each episode during the season

-The exclusive Stories of Yore and Yours bookmark, and if any of the merch is redesigned, you get it for free again!

-Once a year, you can be a part of the story! I'll tell you some stories I've got coming up, you tell me which one you want to be in, and I'll find a part for you. Whether it's adding a sound effect, being a background voice, or even having a speaking part! You're in the story. And when you're in the story, you're in the credits, which means you can plug whatever you want on the show!

Mark Freakin' Twain
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You are a legend. Bar none. Here's what you get at the MFT level:

-All of the benefits of the first three tiers

-Your own personal recording - you want a voicemail message? A school presentation? Some other kind of script? Bedtime story for the kids? I'll record it for you at this level. I'm your own personal recording artist*

-You can be a part of the show! Choose an author, or I'll choose one for you, and you can come on the show and do the background for the author and that week's story!  

-Once a year, I'll send you a featured short story collection! I often come across some fun collections in my searches. At this tier, I'll send them to you!

*Length should be within reason, and this is provided the message isn't profane or otherwise offensive (I don't work blue.)

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